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Naija Independence Day Mani

Hello Peoples!!!

How are y'all doing today!

Wondering what Independence day I'm talking about? Lol...
I shall explain my loves.

In case you didn't know, I am originally Nigerian, and I was born in Nigeria.
Every October 1st Nigeria Celebrates the day we gained Independence from the United Kingdom.

And of course I had to create a mani to wish Nigeria and Nigerians a Happy Independence Day.

P.S: Most young people call Nigeria, Naija, hence the title of my post today. I guess you can say Naija is slang name for Nigeria. :-D

Alright, School's over.. let's get to the fun part of Today's post!
My manicure!!!

The decision on which polishes to use was pretty much made for me. lol...
Nigeria's Flag is GREEN, WHITE, GREEN, so I just had to figure out EXACTLY what I wanted to do with those colors. Here is my result!!!
Nigeria Nails, Naija manicure, Naija Mani
I went all out on my left hand and did a water marble with the two colors.
Then on my Right hand, I did a regular Tape mani that resembles the Flag of Nigeria.

On My thumbs, I wrote out "I Rep" and "Naija". Meaning, I Represent Nigeria!!!
I Love America and Represent her too by the way. :-P

Individual Pictures of both hands.
Right Hand: Nigerian Flag. Simple Tape Mani. Love the result, and I must mention the Polishes I used. The green is Finger Paint - Go Van Gogh. The white is Kleancolor - White.

Left Hand: I used the same colors for my left hand, and Water Marbled.

Wait, I screamed already (all caps).. But you guys... My water marble came out decent!! I actually sort of intentionally made sure each nail doesn't look like the next... Ok, full truth time.. I tried to make them look the same, and it just wasn't working, so I gave up and DECIDED I WANTED A DIFFERENT LOOK for each nail Anyway! LOL...

But But... Yes, I did a fairly decent water marbling. I'm beyond excited.

That's it for my Naija Independence Day Mani guys.

Are any of you out there Nigerians?
Is anyone a Dual Citizen?
Were you born in one country and now a Citizen of another?
Share with me if you want.... I Love reading these things.

I was born in Nigeria, I Live, Breathe, Speak, Eat Nigeria.. lol.. and I'm a Citizen of America... Love Both Countries so dearly, so don't even ask me to choose. LOL... (That's why I made sure to do a 4th of July Mani).

Happy Independence Day to Nigeria Once Again.
May you Live Long and I pray all shall be well with you.

Till Later darlings, God Bless.


  1. omg I cant believe it! loool I mean it in a good way I wanted to do a naija mani too since my boyfriend of 3 going in 4 years is from Nigeria too (Yoruba). I learned to cook Egusi soup and I understand broken English but it's so hard for me to speak, Happy 9ja independance day to you :) We dey!

    1. NOO... FOR REAL!?!?!

      Yay!!! I am sooo glad to hear this. That sounds amazing!!! My naija Sister. We dey ooo. You should have totally done a naija mani. Lol...

      Egusi soup?? haaa, say it ain't so. Hahahaha.. I'm happy!

  2. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!! O.O Water marbling is absolutely PERFECT! I wish I could do that!!!
    The others manis are great too!!!


    My blog -> Marie loves heels

    1. Thanks. I love the marbling too. I am so glad with the result. You should watch youtube tutorials. I'm sure you'll get it.

  3. That water marble is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  4. This is so fabulous! Your water marble is exceptionally good, I want to do it too!

  5. Awesome! This Naija babe is hiding in shame bc I didn't even think of doing a mani, which is really sad bc green is my fave nail color. Hope your independence day was good!

  6. wow the water marbling looks amazing!!!

  7. OH MY GOSH WHAT THE HECK YOUR WATER MARBLE IS GORGEOUS!! Yay!! It always makes me happy when my water marbles turn out even sort of ok!! :)


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