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..... But Why You So Bright....?

Hello Gorgeous! 
Happy Monday. It's a new week!!!

Today I have an ootd I wore last Friday to a friend's birthday party - a birthday party which also turned out to be one of my very close friend's Proposal night! Her - now fiance - surprised her at the birthday with a proposal and it was a very wonderful event. I'm so happy for them and wish them all the best God has in store for them. Those of y'all on instagram saw my posts already and I'm so glad we have a wedding to plan.... 

So that was my outfit for the night to the birthday party I went. I was also the hired photographer for the night for the birthday, so I had my camera with me and got some lovely pictures of the proposal. :-D

Anyhoo, I posted about the nails I wore to this birthday party in THIS POST.
In that post I made mention of how I had to get dressed on time, lol... and yes, I got done on time, but I didn't have much time to spare for pictures, BUT that didn't stop me from taking a few pictures to show in this post. I didn't get to take lots of full pictures though... Shout out to the boyfriend for my full body pictures. :-D
P.S: I know you read my blog once in a while. Lol..

So, YES, I know it's Fall, but I can't stop wearing bright colors!
I tried to incorporate dark colors in my outfits, but it just doesn't work, so I stay with colors that express my inner joy.
Who makes all these color rules anyway? I'll be a rainbow if I want, in any weather I choose!
But I did throw a black thigh length jacket on this, so my colors were a bit diluted.

For my hair, I decided to style my diy box braids into this...
Was trying to focus my camera here.. lol..

My goal was to try and do a fish braid all the way with my braids, and then turn it to some kind of high bun, but that was a fail.
What I ended up with however still made me happy, so Boom!

Yes, I am well aware that my facial expressions is a bit stern. lol..
There was something about the lip color and the hair that JUST had me feeling "Vogue" and I couldn't for the life of me put a smile on my face. lol... I seriously HAD to shake it off and try to smile.

With the boyfriend holding the camera, my smile came naturally.

Since it was bit cold outside, I opted for tights that were a bit thick. I wanted to wear black tights, but since I had a black jacket I planned to wear most of the evening, I decided to wear bright tights.

My nails don't show well here, but you can see them better in THIS POST
And I wore my current favorites shoes. They are so comfy and they sit pretty on the wheelchair's footplate. 

Felt quite AFROCENTRIC I must confess. Loved IT

What I'm wearing is a Shirt tucked into a Skirt.
The skirt was a dress/top (shown in the post), but I ripped out the top portion of it and turned it to a skirt so I can pair it with whatever Top I want. :-D
Easy DIY project. Wish I documented it.
I like it much better as a skirt.

That's it for now y'all.
Stay colorful this fall!!! :-D

Got a question? Ask in the comment box below.
Thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. Sooo cute! I like the hair and love the shoes!!! <3

  2. You are gorgeous! Your skin absolutely glows!

    I totally agree with bright colors! They work any time of the year!

    1. Aww Thanks. Glad you agree. I just love brights!

  3. Beautiful as always! I think bright colors are crucial in the fall and winter to combat the chilly, dreary weather!

  4. Love you shoes, love your outfit, love everything. You look beautiful!

  5. You are so pretty! I love the make up and your outfit!

  6. What a great look! I hope you had a great night!

  7. Fabulous!!!! I love all the color and still love your hair!

  8. What an exciting night! I'm so glad you were able to capture it all for your friend! Love your bright clothes, too, of course. You rock it!

  9. Sounds like so much fun. Your hair is stunning...just amazing!

  10. Looking Beautiful as usual!! really loving the last pic so breathtaking :D i'm sure A would deff boomark this post :p lol thats kool that he reads ur blog hehee :D my besT barely reads mine lol. lol ok i'll stop talking in codes hahah congrats to ur friend btw i am waiting on urs o i wan chop pounded yam!

  11. Your hair looks gorgeous and I love the outfit! Anything floral is the best.


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