Weekend Nails: Claire's - Candy Shop

By Lizzy O. - November 08, 2013

Hello Love Muffins...

This post is being typed at a speed of light because I have to hurry and get dressed to go out. Lol..

I did my weekend nails and took some pictures and I was like, hey You can actually hurry up, crop these pictures and post them like right now before you go out. Show people what's on your nails right when it is Lizzy. 

So I took heed to the voice in my head and here's this post right now.
This is what I have on my nails for today and possibly the whole weekend.
I've had this polish for almost a year now (if not more) and I think I only wore it once, if at all.
After organizing my stash and being on a #NoBuy this Month of November, I get to wear colors I haven't worn in a while. yay!

This is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop ( I know, same name)! lol..

Anyhoo... Enjoy darlings.

I used 3 coats and a seche Vite Top coat to even the glitters out.

This baby is jam-packed with lots of glitters. I love it! Looks like it's going to be a fun weekend. Lol.. My nails are already throwing a party!

Do tell, what do you have on your nails this weekend?
Got any plans?

P.S: I can't believe I edit and posted this in the short time it took. So I have it in me after all. Lol..
Till Later sugars.
God Bless.

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  1. I have this one too & love it (and I'm not really a 'pink' girl). I put on like 4 coats so it is solid glitter! It is a little brittle with all that glitter, but you can touch-up any chips seamlessly.

  2. I love this polish and I keep meaning to pick it up, but for some reason it hasn't happened yet!

  3. Great mani for a great upcoming weekend! I hope you really get a nice one! x


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