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Storage/Stash Update: Nail Polish, Makeup, Jewelries (Pic Spam)

Hello darlings... 

First of all, my room looks like a shrine/makeup/nail salon. 
As those of you following me on instagram and facebook know by now, I did a little room organization and Took care of my polish space AND did a room make-over. DIY for the win sugars!!!

This post is an updated Nail Polish/Makeup/Jewelry storage post.  BUT Mainly Nail Polish. Makeup and Jewelry are just briefly mentioned. lol..

I did go into some small details on the stuffs I own, but really this is just a BIG picture of how I store things, not exactly in depth details of what I own. I'm thinking of doing a Stash Video for my youtube channel, so stay tuned. 
For now though, let's take a look at this big picture of the makeup/nail polish/ section of my room. 

This is pretty much everything... 

So lets start from the left.
First up is my eDiva Makeup storage box. In this I have my makeup goodies, hand creams, some perfumes, and all of my mini nail polishes/weirdly shaped bottles.
if you look back at the above picture, you'll see that sitting on top of this eDiva storage is a three layer storage thing I bought from walmart and I put my jewelries inside of it.

The white bucket holds all of the things I purged off. Some nail polishes and some unused lip glosses. Blog sale coming soon (I Think).

This next picture is exactly what I see while lying on my bed! Oh the joy of an amazing view!! lol... 

Sooo, you guys should know my rotating Nail Polish storage rack (on the right), because I showed it to you all in my last stash update post.  It has four sides and it rotates! It was purchased on Amazon by the boyfriend as my last year's birthday gift.

The other storage you see is one I bought on Craig's List. It is an OPI storage rack, and I'm thinking of doing a separate post on just the rack itself.
Each row hold 8 zoya bottles, or 7 bottles from OPI, and other companies. China Glaze bottles do NOT sit pretty in this rack because of their slightly more FLATTER bottoms.

So I have my Zoyas, OPIs, Sinful Colors, Kleancolor, And other Misc Brands in here.
The empty spaces are because I had some polishes in my To-Be-Swatched Pile, and also because I know the brands I buy more of, and I wanted to keep space for future purchases. Lol

Below are all four sides of my Rotating Rack.
Some of my indies, color clubs, essie (which I only two of), Wet N wild (Which I thought I owned more of), Revlon, Milani, A England, BB Couture, Julie G, Cult Nails (which I NEED MORE OF), e.t.c.

And since my china Glazes wouldn't fit in the OPI rack, I left them on the rotating rack. 
Thanks to Sally's Beauty Supply, I have more China Glazes than I normally would. Sally Sales with extra discounts just make me happy!
I also have my Butter Londons, And the two Deborah Lippmann Polishes I absolutely love. 

My Rotating rack is sitting on the first Nail Polish Storage Rack I bought from walmart. 
I remember when I thought THAT was all I needed to store my polishes! haahahahaha... 
Do you guys remember when I was all giddy talking about it in THIS POST
I seriously thought that would be all I needed to store my polishes. 
Anyhoo, Now that box is used to store things like Nail Polish remover, cotton wool, nail care stuffs, topcoats and basecoats and whatever else I choose to dump inside of it. Also, it's the perfect stand for my rotating rack. 

On the side of it I have a little storage bin that I put the nail care items and polishes I MOSTLY use in, and this bin also holds the polishes I was sent for review.. a.k.a to be swatched polishes.

What you don't see in these pictures are all of my stamping plates and nail art pens/polishes, stickers, beads, rhinestones, and all those things related to NAIL ART
And in case you're wondering where I store my Nail Art Goodies, I still store them in these two bags I've shown you guys before. The bags are crying for help now though because they are fuller than this old picture below shows. 

I really Love my OPI rack from Craigslist. It inspired a total room make over!
I love how I can see all of my nail polishes!! Nothing is really hiding in a drawer anymore, except for those mini bottles in my eDiva Storage.

Being able to see all of my polishes LIKE THIS makes me happy! I know if you're reading this, you're either DROOLING or calling me CRAZY! Lol...

Despite the fact that it still looks like I have a LOT of Nail Polishes, I also did a HUGE Purge!! Like I got serious and just threw the polishes I knew I wouldn't use, or don't care for into the white bin. I ended up purging way more than I planned to, but it feels good and it makes me all the more excited to use the polishes I chose to keep for myself.

Since I'm currently on a No Buy (a.k.a #NoBuyEmber), I get to use only these things I already have, and really now that I can actually SEE everything without digging through a drawer, I am more inspired to use my polishes and do lots more fun things with my nails.

Alrightyyyy sugars...

That's kind of it for now, and as I always say after a drool worthy post that is in no way meant to make you go bankrupt but rather to inspire you and open up my home life to you all, I must end with this:

WARNING: Do not measure your coat according to my size. Lol.. Some of these polishes were sent to me for review, to keep and for an honest opinion.
I am also a big Coupon-er/discount/bargain shopper, so if you think I paid full price for these, you might be very mistaken.
Remember to always spend within your limit, and do not be tempted to "beat my stash", or any other person's stash out there. :-)

This is an hobby as I've expressed many times.
I don't use my savings to buy polishes/makeup and never will.
Remember, your hobby should never take priority over the pressing matters of your life like having enough money for rent, food, and other issues that my nursing people would call issues in the first level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Lol.... ;-)

Feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts with me.
Y'all know the drill by now...

P.S: Would you guys mind a giveaway with some of the items I purged off? I mean, I wouldn't giveaway an empty bottle of polish, but what about a giveaway with like a polishes used only once on 4 nails? 
Share your thoughts with me. 
If majority think that it's tacky to do that, I'll just donate some and put the rest in a blog sale. 

P.P.S: The blog sale page will be updated soon since I have some goodies to sell as a result of this house cleaning. Idk how soon is soon, but I assure it, it'll be as soon as I can get it done. Lol..
Till Later my loves..
God bless.


  1. ive been looking for deals on racks since i saw a pic of yours a few weeks ago just cant bring myself to pay $30 lol someday maybe! lol

    1. Nicole, that's actually a good price, especially if it holds over 100 polishes.

      But yeah, someday soon, I hope you'll be able to get one. it makes everything look neat and organized.

    2. No usually its like 50... i'm gonna keep my eyes open :) i did score a little rolling pedicure station at Savers for $10 so right now that drawer is keeping my nail polish but i would love to display it so i can see it all without digging! lol

  2. Polish!!!! Love all the different displays :)

  3. I need more racks for my polishes! Cute set up!

    1. Thanks a bunch. Amazon, ebay have some lovely racks. :-D

  4. You did a great job organizing! Come help me? Pwease? :)

  5. love how you arranged them so neatly.
    i got very few and they are always untidy no matter how i try.

  6. I love how all of your polishes are out where you can see them!

  7. Wow!!! I super like your polish rack. i wish I have those too for my nail polishes are everywhere. I guess I have really have to buy that kind of rack too. Hope I find one....

  8. I love your nail polish racks! Mine are in bins under my bed so I never get to see the pretty colors.

  9. Oooh, I love that rotating display, very cool! I love seeing my polishes and it's awesome you can see all of yours. I don't think a giveaway with once swatched polishes is tacky, just make sure you mention it :) That's how I ended up with two of my three butter londons ;)

  10. Great storage, I like that everything is out and easy to see. Good luck with your no buy, they are always so hard.

  11. o...my...gawdddddd !!yuppp! Lizzy i'm coming to ur house during Christmas breakkk after exams we gotta have a nail polish fun dayyy!!!
    and YES to a giveaway on ur used polishes!!

  12. love that you can see all of your polish!

    I don't think it's tacky to do a giveaway w/ barely used polish as long it that info is disclosed.

  13. I always love seeing everyone's stashes!


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