Solar Eclipse Nails for November N.A.I.L Challenge - #NailLinkUp

By Lizzy O. - November 06, 2013

Hello Darlings.
Hope your day is going well so far.

On the blog now is my First Post for the November N.A.I.L Challenge I'm partaking in.

The first on the list is Solar Eclipse nails, and I must confess, I was completely BLANK on what to do for this, so I went to my friend - Google and searched for Solar Eclipse. lol...
Anyhoo, I decided I needed a dark polish, and something orange to create half moons.

My mani went through A LOT of process. Lol... I am just going to post everything in this post, so yes prepare for picture spam.

My final result is THIS.

But this is what I started with.
I Painted my nails with one coat of my favorite black polish - Kleancolor Black.
And then I used one-two coats of Orly - Fowl Play.

I actually LOVE Fowl Play so much more over black!!

Yeah, Fowl Play is certainly beautiful over black.

Then to really make this mani Solar -Eclipse-y.. lol... I added some orange dots with Kleancolor - Boogie Nights. And then, placed some black dots on the corner of the orange dots to create a half moon effect.

My ring finger didn't make me happy though, so I cleaned that one off....

And I used the orange polish as an accent nail. Ohh I loved this.

And then I added some black dots on the orange accent nail. :-)

This solar Eclipse mani was certainly interesting to do.

I enjoyed the whole process I must confess. And my final result made me happy!

So Yay Me for actually DOING this challenge. 
If you want to join this Challenge it's not too late, it's one of the most flexible Nail Art challenges I've seen. 
CLICK HERE to read more about it. 

Solar Eclipse :

That's it for now loves.
Till Later, God Bless.

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  1. Very cool interpretation of the theme!

  2. It's perfect! And I love that Orly base!

  3. I love this! And fowl play is one of my faves... i will have to try it over black! Thanks!

  4. Beautiful!! I love this Kleancolor!!
    You're magnific!!

    kisses and hugs

  5. wow you are really creative with these nail polishes
    looks very lovely

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