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Review: Fotor - FREE Picture Editing Software (Online and Apps)

Hello Darlings. 
Today on the blog is a review post... Yay!
This time I'm reviewing an app I've been using for picture editing whenever I feel like it. 

In this world of instagram/social media, y'all know that a dark picture of your outfit of the day just won't cut it anymore. Lol.. People want to see what's in THE picture. 
And this is one of the reasons why I like FOTOR. 
Pictures used in this post are screen captures from my phone - Samsung Note II(an android phone), and my laptop - because you guys should know by now that I LOVE thorough reviews. 

This is what you see when you open the FOTO app on your phone. 

As you can see on that screen, you can either choose to take a new picture or edit a picture you already have on your phone.
To show some of the features of the Fotor app, I have a picture you guys have seen in THIS POST to use as an example.
On the left is the picture, opened on the fotor app in it's original state.
And on the right is after using the "Medium" Enchance button. It added a bit more light and overall visibility/POP to the picture.
I wish I had this app before I made that post. lol...

The app allows you to share directly from it to Social media, and you can choose the quality and resolution of your pictures.

I also chose another picture I captured as a photographer just to test out what else the app could do to the picture. :-)
The picture below was taken by me in Galveston, TX. 

On the Fotor app, you can choose the "FX EFFECT" option and you'll see a majority of effects you can use on your picture. Look below at some of the few things I could have turned the above picture into. 

What's I like most about the "effects" in this app, is that one can control the strength you want the effect to be on the picture.
As most of you are probably aware, some apps (instagram for example) have effects (called filters), but they are FIXED, and you can't change how much of that effect you want on your picture. But with this Fotor app, you can control how much of a particular effect you want as shown below.

Are apps really not your thing? 
Well fear not, Fotor is available on so many platforms I find it hard to believe that it's FREE! 
You can do these and LOTS more by just going to www.fotor.com
Make Collages, Greeting Cards, and even make goofy pictures with Clip Arts

Fotor is so easy to use you guys. With everything you can do with  this app, I thought it would be very complicated, but I was glad it was not complicated. 

Feel free to use the clip arts to turn your dog into a king, or make your friends look like they have huge tooth. LOL

My absolute favorite part about Fotor online is that you can create AMAZING high quality  collages with it!
How many of you lose the quality of your pictures when you put them in collages?
Well, this is your lucky day. Fotor doesn't do that.

Make your collages and save them as jpg or png files on your computer.
You can also create collages in shapes. Look below!

 How fun is this?
DIY photo editing for the win you guys!
You can now edit your pictures in fun manners, or even use some effects to make you look like a PRO at picture taking/editing while only clicking a few buttons!

Collages are so much fun when you want to show so many pictures at once without posting multiple pictures to your newsfeed. :-D

Look at this easy collage I made of some of the nails I've posted on the blog.
I made this in less than 1 minute you guys, using Fotor Collage Maker Online.

The quality is wonderful and I love that I can showcase all the pictures at once.

I have used Fotor both online and on my phone for a couple of days now just so that I will give a thorough, educated review, and I find NOTHING wrong with it.
Take this from someone who has used Lightroom and some high end softwares... You will LOVE the things Fotor can do for your pictures! And best of all? It's FREE and really user friendly!

Visit Fotor.com and start editing pictures like a pro darlings.
That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.

This is a sponsored post, but Opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. I'm addicted to photo apps and I NEED to check this one out!

    1. You absolutely should. It does so much I'm amazed by it. very useful tools for bloggers who make lots of collages.

  2. Awesome! Great review Lizzie! Im gonna download this Right Now! Does it have a limit on how many pics can go into a collage? The photo app i use now won't let you add more than 9 and there are sooo many times that i wishi could have more.

    1. Thanks hun. I love a detailed review.
      I absolutely love the online collage maker and as far as I know there is no limit on how many pics can go into a collage. I just used it and there is an option to create a collage with 8 or more pictures.

      You can definitely Use more than 9 pictures so YES, you can have more.

  3. One more question! :p Does it do watermarks?

    1. Lol.. Yes it does. You can use the 'text' (Labeled T) on the left hand side of the collage screen to add watermark to your pictures. :-)
      You can choose your fonts and everything.

  4. I've been looking for a great photo-editing app! Thanks for the info!

  5. Great app! I want to know about watermarks, as well! :)

    1. Yes, watermarks are possible. You can use the 'text' (Labeled T) on the left hand side of the collage screen to add watermark to your pictures. :-)
      You can choose your fonts and everything.

  6. Great review! I'm always looking for new editing options (especially those that are free!) so thanks!

    1. IKR, Free is always awesome. I hoard photo editing apps on my phone. And I like that this is also available online.

  7. Cool! I love editing apps that can be used on your phone as well as your comp!

  8. Hi, there. I have came across your blog and have been reading along. Nice blog! I am always on the lookout for some awesome Photo Editing Software. Thanks for your Informative post.

  9. Fotor is really a sounds great picture editing apps that is totally free and I would like to use such picture editing apps. It has some unique features and facility that I did not get from any other software previously. I hope to get its more nice features that will be more flexible to use and would be time suitable. Thanks :)

  10. Excellent post. Have opened for myself many interesting things. Earlier, I used https://macphun.com/. It was very convenient, except for photos from your phone. This required synchronization devices with the PC, and then editing the picture. Now I know a good application for the phone. Thank you so much.

  11. Photo editing can be used in different ways to improve the quality of existing photographs. Jewelry photo retouching

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