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The Nail Polish Buying Challenge

EDIT: April 1st 2012: This Post was Orginally Titled: April's Nail Polish Challenge.

But After the interest it has generated in a lot of people, I have changed the title to "The Nail Polish Buying Challenge".
Some people would Love to do the challenge, but due to one reason or the other, They can't do it in the month of April. So, changing the title of the Challenge will allow for it to be used in other months of the year.

I have also been able to create a banner/badge for the challenge and Here it is.
The Nail Polish Buying Challenge

In Whichever Month You're partaking in this challenge, Copy this Badge and Proudly Paste it on your blog/page to let your readers know that you are taking the challenge. Link the Picture back to this Post so that they will understand what the challenge is all about. You could also make a blog post to explain that you'll be taking the challenge. Use this picture and link back to this post.
If you look to the right on my page, You'll see my Badge indicating that I'm taking this challenge in the month of April. I also captioned it: "click to learn more" so that people can click on the badge to bring them to this post.

I am so glad for the turn out and interest in saving money that this challenge has generated in a lot of you out there. :-) 
We love nail polish, Splurging is nice, but having a "Buying break" doesn't hurt anybody. 

Now, If you want to read the original Post and an explanation of what the "Challenge" is all about, Please keep reading. :-)

I'm making a drastic decision for the month of April. This will Hurt, Yes it will, But I have decided that In the Month of April, regarding nail polishes, If it isn't FREE, or isn't 50% off, It's not Coming home!!!

If you're on my facebook page, You would have seen that I made a status about this, and I'm thankful to those of you that replied and are willing to join me in this Challenge.

Yes, this is a drastic decision!!! A lot of you also agreed that it would be hard, but more importantly, we are willing to *try* to succeed at this challenge.

This decision began as a challenge to myself, and it didn't come as a result of low cash. Lol... I just would *Love* to see how well I do in this challenge.

I will still post every kind of deals I find on my facebook page and blog, but I will only be participating in FREE deals or 50% (or more) off deals. As a couponer and freebie lover, I already get free polishes and  buy polishes at discounted prices, but I am setting a limit this time. I don't want to put myself on a no buy, because let's face it, those never work. lol.

I have so many polishes that I haven't had the time to wear yet, and I will do my best to wear them in the month of April. So, expect Swatches, Nail Arts, and Just about everything I will think to do with those polishes!!!

Here are the fine Prints to this Challenge: 
BIG RULE: In the Month of April 2012, The polishes you get and keep for yourself will either be free or be 50% or more off. So, I suggest you start entering every giveaway you find. Lol...

From talking to some of you ladies on facebook, questions were brought up, and these next points are included to clarify what is included or exempted from the big rule. And they are as follows:

  • Polishes you buy as a gift to others will not be included in that rule. - I understand some of us are in birthday groups and big swap groups. So previous commitments you made such as birthday groups e.t.c are exempted from this rule. 
  • Someone on facebook suggested that the rule should not apply to polishes that are $2 or less. But This does not mean you should go crazy and buy every drug store polish you find to feed your addiction. Remember the goal here is SAVING. ;-) (Yes, I'm talking to myself too...lol)
  • If you're buying online... do not add shipping to the percentage. This applies to the polish price only.
  • Nail Polish related items are also a part of this rule. Sadly. Stamping plates, fimos, glitters, rhinestones, e.t.c also count as "nail polishes". If they're under $2, go ahead and buy. :-)

I wish I was artistic and could make some kind of badge/banner for this challenge. So that us bloggers partaking in this challenge could put a badge on our blog or something..

If there's an artistic person out there, could you make a badge that describes this challenge and send it my email address: thedoityourselflady@gmail.com
Thanks. :-)

The Badge can just say something as simple as "I'm taking the April Nail Polish Challenge" or something creative. Everyone who puts the badge/banner on their blog will link it back to this post so that people will understand exactly what the challenge is. You can also make a post explaining to your readers what the challenge is. You are free to copy and paste the Fine print to help your readers understand the challenge.

Truthfully, the more I type, the more excited and scared I get. Lol...
*Devilish voice whispers* What if A-Englands are 40% off? Or Lynderellas are 45% off? Lol...

OMG.... Is this a bad decision?

*Angelic voice whispers*: You can do all things through Christ who Strengthens you Lizzy. Take this challenge, and I will bring great Free deals and 50% off deals your way!!!
LOL!!! I crack myself up Y'all!!!

Anyhoo, Seriously though. I am sticking with this decision.
Once again,, this decision is just a challenge. I am not broke (glory to God), and I just want to see how well I do.
The Do It Yourself Lady in me believes I can DO this. My facebook status about this decision also shows me that there are some of you who want to do this as well. We can do this Y'all. Polishes are fun and our hobby is probably the cheapest and the least harmful hobby there is out there, but having the money to buy doesn't mean we have to buy. At least just for the month of April.. LOL (We can go crazy after April.. Lol, J/K)!

P.S: If you find any kind of deals, please don't hesitate to share them with me as some of you have been doing. As I stated, I will still post all kinds of deals and sales. The only difference is the ones I'll be participating in. :-) I just might get bold and make this decision apply to everything and not just nail polishes. Hmmm? Ok, nahh.. Let's not get crazy here.. This decision is for nail polishes only. Lol...

Alrighty then... So.. here comes the big question...Is anyone else willing to join me and the ladies that are already in? Do you want to be a part of this challenge?
Leave a comment if you are interested. Go on my facebook page and we can make that place our "meeting spot" to encourage each other throughout the month of April. Also share the deals you find or partake in with the rest of us.
I'm excited about this :-D

After all is said and done, I'm now going on ebay, etsy, and everywhere else to buy all the polishes I need before it's officially April..... Ok, Ok, I joke too much. I'm doing no such thing, and YOU SHOULDN'T Either!! lol..Leave a comment, tell me whether you want to join or not.

That's it for now my loves.
Till Later, God bless.

Oh, and uhmmm.. this is NOT an April fools joke. It's for real y'all... :-)


  1. Good luck! I never pay full price for polish, so no point in my joining....but I would have a lot more polish (and stuff) if my hubby wasn't disabled ;)

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. I also usually don't pay full price for polishes. I use coupons a lot, and win some polishes, but I am tired of the "Buy 3 to get one free, 10% off, 22% off" and all those other "deals" that aren't really a "deal". Lol...

      Sorry about your husband. I absolutely understand where you're coming from. :-)

  2. I would love to join, but I usually don't spend over $2 for a bottle of polish anyway...

    1. Wowzers... with all these Indie Polishes and Brazilian Polishes around? How do you do it your highness? Lol...

  3. Count me in, I need a break anyhow, lol!

  4. I'm in!
    Ps - I'm following you now :)

    1. Awesome! Welcome, and I am glad we are in this together.
      Please join the facebook page and post deals you find on any nail polish.

  5. I'm in! I swore I wasn't going to pay over $5 a bottle with tax originally when I started buying 3 weeks ago. But this will give me more incentive to stick to that. I am seeing way too many colors I want

    1. Sweetness! The colors can be very tempting, but we are determined!!! :-D

  6. Good luck with your challenge. I tried to not buy polishes in March... I failed big time! LOL :D

    1. Yes no buys are hard. I think the spirit of actually being on a "no buy" makes a lot of us want to buy. Lol...

      It's also hard to come buy 50% off deals, but at least you know that when you do, you can Buy. :-D
      Polish buying break is needed once in a while. If you can't do it now, you could do it in another month. :-)

  7. Oh gosh I should so join this! Great idea...my untrieds pile is waaaay too big! Good luck I know u can do it!

  8. I would join buuuuut its my birthday month & i'm gonna treat myself! good luck to you & everybody joining in on this challenge! =)

    1. That's lovely dear! Thanks for the good luck.

      I tweaked the title of the post, and now you can take the challenge any month you choose. :-D

  9. I so need to do this and totally understand it. Being disabled polish is my little spot of heaven and indulgence. Should I do this absolutely given the amount of polish I have and the fact I can no longer do my nails 3-4 times a weeks. Have I felt guilty and said to my husband I should stop, or cut down and his answer is always the same it makes you happy and it doesn't put us in debit. I've spent years as a parent giving everything to my kids, as every parent should. I've taken care of my elderly mom to the best of my ability. So should I do this yes but I will not. Mostly because I don't only buy for myself I'm more than happy to share with the bloggers for their giveaways and with friends I've met. I honestly do feel guilty many times but for me this is it right now. The connection of meeting all the wonderful nail family, the hunt for the ideal polish, and sending a polish to someone who really wants it and cannot get it. I do try to find sales, use coupons and yet still feel guilty about what I spend. I applaud all you women and will keep up with you all. Heck if any of you feel the struggle is too much or your going to slip reach out and those who can't do this like myself would be more than willing to send something to keep you all from not doing it because its a smart and wise thing to do. Good luck everyone

  10. I'll give it a shot............ But Nooooooooooooo promises. Those Zoya Beach colors are calling name and the voices inside my head are saying........ "Just buy them........ or will give you one heck of a headache" :))

  11. Definitely joining in this. I'm on a self-imposed no-buy (excepting when my name comes up for Lynnderellas). I don't have a blog, but I posted it on my instagram.

  12. Oh this is awesome. Good luck! I might be joining you on this. But..but I have a Lyndrella invoice coming in (I hope). Do they count since I ordered them via wishlist last month? <.<

  13. I want to but I've recently decided to stop buying shoes for a while. Nail polish has kind of been an appeasement for me in the meantime. However, I realize I have more polishes now than I will probably be able to wear in a year. Especially since I'm not very good at all the artwork. I. will. try.
    btw, I ordered 2 last week that just arrived today and I bought 1 on Saturday. CVS is also having a big sale plus I have like $19 in extra bucks!!!

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