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China Glaze - Ultamate Holiday

Hello Loves..
Hope your day has been going well so far. I've spent the most part of mine catching up on blogs. I still have a lot to go through, and comment on. *sigh*. I would enjoy commenting if some blog remove that captcha code that google has. Guessing two words just doesn't make me happy. Plus when I guess wrong, I just want to leave and not comment. :-(
I know it's not the blog owner's fault, but I think it's better to set the comments to be reviewed before posting instead of having the captcha phrase. :-(

Forgive me for my rant. Lol... But I really don't like those things that make you type some words when you want to post a comment. Anyhoo, let's get to today's post. :-)

I told you all about some swatches I found on my computer, and realized I hadn't posted them on here.
Well, One of those unposted swatches is China Glaze - Ultamate Holiday.

This one is a topcoat eater! Without topcoat, it's gritty and not so pretty.
One of the few gold polishes I have and love! It leans gold to green, and In the sun, It's ohhh sooo beautiful!
This picture was taken in the sun, No flash.

China Glaze - Ultamate Holiday (sun)

In the shade however, this polish is almost blah.. Lol... Look at this.
China Glaze - Ultamate Holiday (shade)

 But In the sun, and under lots of light.. Check out this beauty!!! This is under sun, no flash. I love HOLOGRAPHIC GOODNESS!!!! YES I had to scream that!!

This reminds me that I need more Holo polishes. Do you love Holos like me?
Thanks for viewing ladies. Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. this looks a lot less yellow on you than it does on me. i actually like it better that way. i hate the yellow.

    1. Thanks. Skin tones sometimes matter when it comes to polishes. I quite like this one.

  2. This is so beautiful!!! :D
    Yeah, I hate those captcha things too, especially when you have to try again after guessing the word wrong. >.<;

    1. Thanks. And Yes... I probably wouldn't mind as much if I get it on first try. Doing it more than once just irks me. Lol.. Glad to know I'm not alone.

  3. really cool shade.. love it x

    1. Thanks darl... Gotta check ur blog soon. Been so busy!!

  4. im with you on the commenting thing. so many things turn me off from commenting. captchas, not being a blogger blog where i have to type in my email, name, website, etc...
    its hard when you have like 200+ blogs to read every day!
    anyway - this was one of my first polishes when i got into nail polish a few months ago and its so awesome! glad to see it getting some love!

    1. Glad I'm not alone. The captcha is the biggest turnoff from commenting for me. I could leave lots of comments, if I just click enter after commenting. Having to squint my eyes and guess random words is too much. Lol..

      And Oh yes, Ultamate holiday gets love from me. :-D

  5. Yeah I hate the captchas too. I usually spend more time on them than the actual comments. I feel like I would have time to leave twice as many comments without them.

    Ultamate Holiday is gorgeous. Love the gold holographic.

    I'm about to hit submit, if it asks me to complete a captcha I'm going to laugh.

    1. Hahahaha... Darling, I couldn't be yapping if my blog asked for captcha. That would be hilarious!

      Hope you didn't meet a captcha? I know I have none, but one might have planted itself just to humor you. Lol..

      Thanks for the comment. :-D

  6. I feel the same way about caphtchas as you. Especially since I use my phone for a lot of my blog reading. There have been multiple times where I have wrote comments and just left because it won't accept what I am typing in multiple times. Love the color by the way. Lol

  7. love this color. Very pretty. Love your blog too.

  8. I HATE captchas, too. Honestly, I visit blogs that have them but never leave comments because it's "too much work" :x

    I LOVE this color on you! It would be great for the holidays or birthday festivities =)

  9. oooh shinyyy! i love the holo its so pretty!!!


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