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Girly-Girl Challenge - Day Three

Hello Pretty Peoples!
Hope y'all are having a lovely day so far?
I'm free as a bee for the next couple of weeks, so yay!

Today is day three of the Girly-Girl challenge I'm doing, and the List says: Delicate and Elegant - Adorn yourself with a lovely pattern, color or technique.
For this mani, I had so many ideas, but the one that I eventually went with was influenced by a giveaway I won on facebook. If you're a fan of my page on facebook, you would have seen the stickers I won from Polish+Plus.

For Delicate and Elegant, I chose to use two of my untried polishes again. I went with Zoya - Kristen and Snowsicle, and I chose some lovely flowery/butterfly design from my stickers to use as accent nails.

I didn't use Snowsicle on my ring finger. Snowsicle adds a bit of a shimmer to the mani.

Kristen is so delicate in person. She's a mix between blue and gray. She's so hard to photograph, but what you get in person is a true beauty. I Love it!

 And just to show that Zoya is loved in my home.. lol.. and well, to show you my thumb, Here's a shot I took. ;-) Delicate and Elegant right?

 Here are both polishes used.
Zoya Snowsicle and Kristen.

And here are the stickers I won on Polish+Plus. (Like her page because she'll be having more giveaways).

That's it for my take on "Delicate and Elegant" Ladies. I'm so in love with Kristen. What do you think about this? Delicate enough for you? :-D

Remember, I'm not doing this challenge alone. Here are the other lovely bloggers I'm doing this with. Lindsey of Neverland Nail Blog, Ashley of Follow The Yellow Polish Road, Stephanie of A Little Polish, Kelly of DevilishPolish, Jodi of Captivating Claws, Danielle of Lacquer Lover, Elly of Polishable, Olivia ofUnprofessional Nails, Kate of This Charming Kate, Bethany of A Plethora of Nails, Eugenia of Talon-ted, Johanna of Neues vom Kellerkind, Amanda of Nox Nails, Ashley of Smashley Sparkles, Sarah of See Sarah Swatch, Emily of The Lacquerologist, Jess of LuvMyLacquer, Tressa of O' Natur Nail, ChiChi of I'm just me...ChiChi, CR of Color Me Silly, Amanda of Berry Polished, Robin, Erin, and Anna of Polished Cousins.

If you're not already following these blogs, I think it'll be dandy to follow them, so you can see what they also come up with. :-)

Till later. God Bless you.


  1. So cute - reminds me of Cinderella!!

    1. Indeed! How could I not have seen that? Snowsicle layered on kristen does look like cinderella - minus the pink shimmer that cinderellas flashes once in a while. lol...

      Oh wow.. Indeed it does. except Kristen looks like a dusty gray in some light. But nonetheless, you are very right my lady.
      Beautiful beautiful polishes. :-)

  2. Definitely has a Cinderella feel to it. And the stickers are so cute!!

  3. This is SO beautiful!! :D I love that shade of blue! :D

  4. This is so beautiful! The colors look amazing on u

  5. I really like Written, but I love her with the snowsicile! I haven't tried any Zoya products yet. :( Polish + Plus and I have a swap planned though and she will be giving me my first Zoya ladies!

    1. Hahah.. I think Autocorrect changed Kristen to Written.

      Anyhoo.. Yes, she's definitely something feisty with snowsicle on her.

      I'm glad you're getting your first Zoya Ladies soon. Zoya makes some pretty Polishes!! :-)

    2. Eeeek, you're right. I'm sorry. I loath auto correct. I read every thing so carefully and I swear it just switches it on me. :-(

  6. Pheobe and Lolly look nice!!! I wish I was a follower when this deal was going on. TWO THUMBS UP!!!
    Check out my spoy I have a few nice reviews

  7. Thanks a bunch everyone. Glad you all agree that Kristen is gorgeous. :-)

    I really like how the stickers add something extra to it too.

  8. Such a pretty colour! Great stamping too.

    1. Sorry, I should say sticker placing. :) They look great!

  9. this is beautiful!! i love this mani so much plus its in my fav coloorrr eekk so pretty!


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