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Freebie Alert - Copious.com

Hello Darlings!

A quick post about a website that give you an opportunity to get $10 worth off stuff for free (well technically, for One cent).
 Yes, they carry some nail polishes.

Quick run down: I like to be fast, so you won't miss out.

1. Click HERE to create an account.
2. After you've signed up, you should automatically have $10 credited to your account.
3. Click the Magnifying lens on the "search bar". Then Click to sort by "Lowest Price".
4. On the left tab where it says "tags", click free shipping.
5. Look through the things they have, and pick what you want to buy. Whatever you do, your order must be $10 or less for you to get it entirely free (for one cent).

Why do I keep saying, free and then (for one cent)?
Well, the website requires that a minimum of 1 cent be charged when people order, so.. technically you're paying 1 cent for whatever you get.
I used an Old Visa Gift card that had $2 left in it to pay the 1 cent I was owing.
This is why it's good to have Almost finishing Visa cards, or a Shop safe card.
I don't know much about the order, but I don't think charging one cent on your regular credit card should be a big deal... (Do so at your own risk though).

My order went through with the Visa Gift card, and I picked up a Sally Hensen nail polish  because I didn't want to waste time looking through the website and miss the chance to get something free, or should I say, For 1 cent. :-D

If nail polish is the only thing you're interested in. Just Type "nail Polish" in the search bar.

After making your purchase, you can share your referral link with people. They'll get $10 for joining, and you'll get $5 each time someone you referred makes their first purchase.


**Disclaimer** I am not affiliated with this website. As you all know, I just enjoy sharing freebies and deals I find with you. Always use your judgement before you give your information online.
If you love freebies or discounted products from new websites you're just hearing about, I advice that you have a prepaid Credit Card or a Visa Gift card for situations where your Credit card information is required.

That's it for now, Till Later, God Bless.

EDIT - (10:23am) - 3/7/2012
If you're one of the few people who received $5.00 instead of $10.00, you can email help@copious.com and explain that your credit didn't fully apply.
I don't know why some people are getting $5.00 instead of $10.00, but as you all know, websites change their rules every time, and freebies/great deals don't last forever.

EDIT - (4/25/2012)
This still works, and I have proof  many many people that have used their credit cards without problems. It truly only charges one cent. A lot have gotten $10, and a few still get $5. But Either one is worth is.
So many Zoya nail polishes are showing up on the site everyday, so Enjoy shopping. :-)


  1. Freebie Alert?thanks for sharing.i wll buy it now!lol.im from hollister uk

  2. Replies
    1. I got this complaint from a few people who said they registered using their twitter accounts. If you have a facebook account, you could use that to register and see what happens.

      Others who used their facebook accounts had no problem.

      Let me know how it goes.

    2. It will say 10 next to your picture...

  3. i used facebook and got nothing at all! oh well. its always worth a shot.

    1. Uh oh... I know most people say they are now getting $5 sign up bonuses instead of the $10, but this is the first "nothing at all" I'm hearing off. Sorry about that. I don't know why that is. I guess the website changed something...

      Good things don't last long. Lol..

  4. I rec'd $5, which is still good I think! :)

  5. I got 5...better than 0 i guess

  6. I got $10, but unfortunately, I can't purchase from the outside of US :(((( nevertheless thanks again for sharing!

    1. Oh Yeah.. No shipping outside U.S.

      Do you have a friend in the U.S? You could get it as a gift to them, and ship to their house address. :-)

  7. I registered with twitter and got nothing at all. Probably not a big deal anyway as I live outside of the states, but still, that was kind of disappointing.

  8. I signed up using my Facebook account and got $10! Poring through the free shipping items now to see if any $10 or less nail polishes catch my eye.

  9. I got nothing registering with Twitter but I did get $10 with facebook. Weird huh?

  10. Got nothing with Twitter and don't want to register with FB because it'll force me into the timeline layout. :/ Oh well. They should state that if you want the $10 credit you HAVE to sign up with facebook. Otherwise it's unfair and very misleading. :/

  11. i just did it and i got the $10 credit. i'm still deciding what i want, but i think i leaning towards Zoya Jules

  12. Thanks so much! I got Zoya Perrie!

  13. Thanks girl! Another awesome freebie... or three... YAY 34 cent Zoya!!! You're the bessst!

  14. I have signup with Facebook account but didnt get any credit :/ :(


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