Zoya Share the Love Program + Get $5 off First Order

By Lizzy O. - March 19, 2012

Picture from Zoya's Website
Hello Love Muffins!
It's Monday, and the Zoya Fairies have put a smile on my face with the new Share the Love Program they're starting on their website.

What is Share the Love all about? 
To put it in plain English, Zoya wants you to get some bonus points for sharing your favorite polishes with your friends and everyone else you choose to share it with.
Your points can be redeemed for Coupons ranging from $5 off to $15 off. :-D

Who doesn't like Coupons that takes a chunk of money off their order!

If you don't already have a Zoya account, now would be the perfect time to create one and start saving up points in your account.
Now, How do you get $5 off your first order you ask?
Well, When you set up an account, You'll get $5 credited to you, and that will be used towards your first purchase on Zoya. :-D

After purchasing, Go around Zoya's site, and start Sharing the Love!!! Share the link to your favorite polishes, have your friends create a Zoya account, and start racking up points.

I would go into in depth details on this program, but Zoya has done a fabulous job explaining it. A comprehensive explanation can be found On Zoya Website.

If you already have a Zoya account, you too can start Sharing the Love!!! But sorry, you don't get the $5 off for signing up, because Duhh you're already signed up. Lol..

That's it for now my lovelies.
Til Later, God Bless. :-)

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