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Deborah Lippmann - It's Raining Men Swatch

Hello Loves!
A couple of days ago, I used this polish for my Girly-Girl Challenge, and I Just Loved it so very much! A couple of you guys also commented that you love how bright and RED the polish looked, so I decided that the polish needed a post of it's own.

Deborah Lippmann's - It's Raining Men is the Perfect red polish for me! I am sooo Glad I own this polish.

Once again, this red is the Kind of red you wear when you want people to know you're wearing a red polish. Lol.. It got opaque in three thin coats.

I know the flash in these pictures show VNL (Visible Nail Line), but I promise you, in person, it does't show at all... and it's opaque looking. I got a lot of compliment on this one, and it's that classic red polish you see people wear in Hollywood. You know what I mean? lol..

Also, You know when some bloggers say a polish applies like "Butter"? Well, I had that experience with this polish. Lol.. It's Raining men applied Like Butter!!!!!!!!! It glided on my nails easily and these pictures are with NO cleanup! As In, I didn't have to clean up... the brush is amazing and I am on the look out for more Deborah Lippmanns that don't have glitters in them. I thought the only DLs worth owning were the glitter bombs she makes, but now, I want other cream polishes!!

I know a lot of people say DLs are expensive, and well, I agree but I can *understand* why. The gorgeous bottle, the ease of application, and the non-toxic smell. Someone's gotta pay for such amazing-ness! But, err, that doesn't mean I'll pay the full price though. Lol.. I got this one with the Eversave/Ariva deal I posted a while back. 

Ok... maybe I'll pay full price for one I really want, but You know I'm  a coupon/discount/deal type of Girl.. ;-)

Do You own any DLs? Are you as smitten by them as I am? 
That's it for today Ladies... 
Till Later, God Bless. :-)


  1. This red looks GREAT on you!

    1. Thanks. It is indeed my perfect shade of red. I am in Love.

  2. This is a great color! It looks amazing on you. I don't any DL's. I refuse to spend the money.

    1. I absolutely understand dear. That's why I jump on them when there's a coupon/discount.

  3. I agree with the above comment. It's too much money. But this color is amazing! It looks great with your skin tone!

    1. Keep your eyes on my facebook page, and the blog because I post great discounts and deals I find on these "high end polishes".

      I don't pay full price for them, and I basically end up paying almost half or a lot less of the original price when I buy them.
      I enjoy sharing these deals with you all, so be on the look out.

      There's nothing wrong with splurging once in a while for these lovely polishes though. ;-)

  4. This is certainly the perfect red for you! It's gorgeous! The only DL I own is Girls Just Want To Have Fun & I won that baby in a giveaway. Haven't worn it yet but I will soon =)

  5. Nominated you for an award here!



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