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10 Minute Mani: Monday Blues with Bootie Babe - Blue Baboo

Hello sugars...

Last week, I got a very pretty and special polish in the mail from Love for Lacquer's grab bag sale.
This polish was special because the bottle shape is like none I own. And I own LOTS of polishes. Lol... I posted it on my instagram and facebook page, and everyone had a wonderful laugh. lol...

Today, I'll be sharing with you all the kind of mani I do when I'm pressed for time.
This mani was my past weekend's mani.

It was a "quick mani" and this is the kind of mani I do when I don't have more than 10 minutes to spend on both hands.
So yes, picture taking aside, I did this whole mani in about 10 minutes.

Here's the finished product.

Here's Blue Baboo  on it's own. I love how this looks A LOT.
And so many people actually said they loved this color on me.
What you see here is two coats.

And then I used Milani FX jewel in Teal as an accent nail on my thumb and ring finger.

I really love how the Milani looks, and if I had more time, I would have layered it on all my nails. But once again, this was a quick mani, and I had to go go go.. :-)

Do you guys have a specific style of mani you do when you're pressed for time, but still want something pretty on your nails? Share with me!
I'm a layering kind of girl. I Pick a color, and layer with glitter, and I'm good to go. I also usually pick colors that are almost opaque in one coat, or opaque in two coats.
I love these kinds of polishes because they mostly don't require clean up. Since they're opaque, application is almost always easy, and polish doesn't pool around the cuticle, or run around...

And on those "quick mani" days, I go with Seche Vite top coat. Remember the key word here is, "QUICK" mani. :-)

That's it for now sugars.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. This is a great idea for a quick mani :) If I'm in a hurry I generally reach for a polish that I know is good in one coat, and any kind of glitter!

  2. When I am in hurry then I do mani similar to this one. Btw I LOVE this shade of blue!


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