Swatches: 365 days of color - Heidi and Spencer

By Lizzy O. - August 14, 2012

Hello gorgeous people!

Today I have swatches of two polishes by 365 days of color.

These are called Heidi and Spencer. Yes, like the ones on that MTV show. lol... I could care less about those people, but these polishes are all that and a bag of chips!
Look at them.

And here are swatches.

First up is Heidi.
This is a gorgeous creamy white base with a bunch of glitters in it. Bar and hex glitters. This has turquoise blue hex glitters in it.

 I thought I disliked polishes that have a white base, but I was wrong, I actually really loved this one on me.

Next up is Spencer. 
This one has purple hex glitters in it, and that's an automatic WIN in my book!

The purple is so pretty embedded in all that white creamy goodness!

What I Love about these two polishes is that they got opaque in two coats! White base getting opaque in two coats? Yes please! Mama Likes!!

The creator of 365 Days of Color is in one of my groups on facebook and she made these polishes for some of us in the group. These are sadly not available for public purchase right now, but she has a bunch of other awesome and beautiful polishes for sale in her Big Cartel Store.

That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.

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  1. I've been meaning to get my hands on this brand! I'm excited to get some from the End of the Rainbow collection :) thanks for the swatches!

    1. Yes, I need to get some polishes from her End of the rainbow collection too. Sanaz makes beautiful polishes. I must admit.

  2. They're really quite nice! Why, oh why must they be named after two such ridiculous characters?

    1. LOL... I Know right.. But it's sort of an inside joke amongst us in the group. Lol..

  3. Aww too bad they aren't available for sale! Heidi looks awesome! Love the turquoise gliters!

  4. these are way cute. glitters in a milky white base are my weakness!!!!


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