Alphabet Challenge Continues...

By Lizzy O. - August 06, 2012

Hello Darlings...

You all should give me a round of applause for this post. Lol..
Seriously, after the mandatory break I took from blogging, It took all that was in me to get back on here to post this.

Don't get me wrong now, I ENJOY doing this! It's just that, laziness kinda got the best of me, and even though I did manis and took pictures of them, sitting down to edit those pictures and post them on the blog became a big chore for me.

We all have our lazy days right?

Anyhoo, stories aside, I'm here now, and I've got some manis for the Alphabet Challenge I'm partaking in.
This is late (past the two weeks mark), so I can't put it in the Links thing for E,F,G,H, but when I chose to start this challenge, I was determined I'd have a post for every alphabet.
Not a quitter sugars. :-)

First up is Alphabet E.
This is China Glaze - Exotic Encounter. 
This Polish stained my nails! Ughh.. But it's so pretty!

Next is F, G, and H

F - China Glaze Flying Dragon
G - Kleancolor Neon Pink, but for this purpose it shall be called Girly Pink. Lol.. (Accent nail)
H - Girly Bits Hippity Hop. 

Yes, yet another Combo for this challenge! I love the combos. I get to strike out many alphabets at the same time. :-)

I Enjoyed hippity hop, but I thought I'd love it A LOT more than I did. Still a gorgeous glitter topcoat though.

That's it for now sugars...
Till Later, God Bless.

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  1. yup, I have EE marked with the badge of shame (tape that says "stains") but I love it too! Just won't ever ever wear it as a full mani- MAYBE art that's it-

  2. Exotic encounter is stunning! I don't own any polishes like this colour, and it's stunning!xx

  3. Go you!! I just knocked out the whole next week in one. ;) Got to love Gosia's flexible rules!! EE is gorgie, soo sad that it stains. :p Girly Pink...very good. Much better name. ;)

  4. Oh, and that's the nice thing about being the boss of your own blog. You can leave and come back whenever. We all understand the need for a break. ;)

  5. Ugh! I'm so sad! I bought Exotic Encounter and I'm super excited about it so it's sad to hear it stains bad. :( boo! Guess I'll have to remember to put an extra base coat on before the lacquer.

  6. All gorgeous, but Exotic Encounter is my fave! Bummer that it stained your nails though!

  7. lovely colors lizzy, me like. I missed out on the Zoya free shipping. Sucks!


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