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My Nail Polish Storage Got an Upgrade...

Hello darlings...

In the spirit of all things "my birthday", I'm trying to knock out birthday related posts before I get back to schedule on the blog.

Today's post is brought to you by the awesome gift my boyfriend gave me for my birthday!

Now, you see, the bf speaks his mind when it comes to how many polishes I have, and how they all look like the same colors, so this gift was the LAST thing I expected from him. Lol...

It was a very pleasant surprise, and it made my WHOLE day, so much so that now that I think about it, I still have a smile on my face. He Bought me a nail polish rack!
I kept on asking him, who are you again? Lol...

Anyhoo, this mighty gift made me do some house cleaning in the polish department.

I put out some polishes for sale, gifting and frankening and I arranged the rest of the polishes I want to keep in my new rack and in the old storage box I had.
That storage box was shown in this post I made in January about my stash.

Oh how things have changed from that time to now. LOL... OMG!!! :-P

Well, Here's a Collage of my storage devices.

For detailed views... Click Read More below.

Let's begin with the polish rack the bf got me.

I must admit that the fastest growing brand in my stash is Zoya!

Next we have some OPI's, some of my favorite Indie Polishes and more Zoya!!

Then of course, we have Kleancolor!! I love them because they are sold at great prices (.99 cents for me), great colors, and I can get them easily around me.

Next we have China Glaze, Julep and HITS polishes.

I sure hope you're not counting! Because I tried not to count... lol...

Next, after putting aside the polishes I wanted to sell, gift, and franken with, I chose to arrange the rest of my goodies into the storage box I bought from walmart at the beginning of my Collection. Yes, it's a collection, not an addiction you smart bums!

In the first drawer, there are Sinful Colors (majority), Color club, Deborah Lippman, Butter London, Wet n Wild, and some other drug store brand polishes.

Yasss... This is where A-England, Milani, Sally Hansen, Orly, Revlon, E.L.F sit pretty. 

In the second drawer, I have my Indies and mini bottles.
Look at all that room for MORE?? lol...

In the third and last drawer, I have my top and base coats. I also my polish remover, polish thinner in here.
This is also were cotton balls and nail prep materials go in.

The polishes on the side of the polish remover are those I need "TO SWATCH" for the blog. These were either sent for review, or they are ones I really have been meaning to swatch and never got to.

Okay *sighs*.
Now that the cat is out of the bag... Be my guest and count how many polishes I have if you want to. I got bored at 200. lol.... And I only counted because I wanted to know how many polishes fit in the polish rack the boyfriend got me.

About the Rack: 
As you can see, 8 bottle of Zoya polishes fit in one row because Zoya bottles are "smart and cute". Other kinds of bottles were only 7 per row.
In total, you should be able to fit about 140-150 polishes in the rack.
The nail polish rack ROTATES!!! Yes, I'm screaming, IT ROTATES loves!

The Boyfriend confirmed he bought it on Amazon, and there is now a specific rack on there that claims to fit 220 polishes.
I almost wished that was the one he got, but honestly, I'm soooo happy with this one that I couldn't even ask for more.
Seeing my babies displayed in such a pretty way makes me happy. :-)
And the fact that the rack sits pretty on my storage box from walmart was an added bonus.
Look at my Polish Section. Doesn't even take much space in my room.

In case you're wondering where my stamping plates, dotting tools, rhinestones, and nail art pens/polishes are... They are in these two bags you see below.
I don't have specific polishes for stamping because I tend to use my polishes that are opaque in one coat for stamping. 
I truthfully am glad for the house cleaning I did in the Polish department. lol... I have about 20 other polishes lying around somewhere because I need to "take a picture of them" before mixing them in the stash, for blogging purposes. lol.

Anyhoo, as I stated earlier, I didn't count all of the polishes because I got tired at 200....
BUT, I  realized that I didn't have as many polishes as I thought I did, and THIS IS GOOD NEWS!!!
With the way some of my friends look at my stash, I almost thought I had 1000 polishes. Lol..

Now that I've shown you all my stash, I must end with this.

WARNING: DO NOT measure your coat according to my size. Lol.. Some of these polishes were sent to me for review, to keep and for an honest opinion.
I am also a big Coupon-er/discount/bargain shopper, so if you think I paid full price for these, you might be very mistaken.
Remember to always spend within your limit, and do not be tempted to "beat my stash", or any other person's stash out there. :-)

This is an hobby as I've expressed many times.
I don't use my savings to buy polishes and never will.
Remember, your hobby should never take priority over the pressing matters of your life like having enough money for rent, food, and other issues that my nursing people would call issues in the first level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  Lol.... ;-)

Feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts with me.
Y'all know the drill by now...

P.S: The blog sale page will be updated soon since I have some goodies to sell as a result of this house cleaning. Idk how soon is soon, but I assure it, it'll be as soon as I can get it done. Lol..

Till Later my loves..
God bless.


  1. I love that rack! I'm not a big fans of the wall racks and this would be perfect for my under 100 polish collection! Great post xoxo

    1. Yeah the wall rack is doing a "Little bit too much" for me.
      I would feel like a nail salon If I had the wall racks. Lol..

      I hope I don't get to that level of having soo much that I need a wall rack.

  2. Your storage center looks awesome!! I have to ask - WHERE do you live that you can get Kleancolor easily and for 99 cents! I love so many of their colors but have never seen them in person - only online!

    1. Thanks Kelly.

      Texas is where I live. A Lot of the regular beauty stores around me sell Kleancolors for 99cents.

      Basically, any beauty store where they sell "african american" hair...
      Those beauty stores that are called like "Betty's beauty store, American beauty store" or such and such like that.

      I hope you find some in your area.
      And if you're shopping online, there's a great deal for about 48 KC polishes on Amazon. You should search for it.

  3. I have that rotating rack too! I bought it when I had a little room to grow into it, and now it's overflowing! I need another one. Or maybe I need to look for that rack that holds 220...


      You should totally check out the one that holds 220. As I stated, I almost wished he got that one. But I'm plenty happy with this one. :-)

      It makes everywhere look so organized.

  4. I love your stash. I just recently revamped my storage solutions for polish so I can relate to the excitement! Now when everyone says my stash blogpost is insane, I can say "hers is too!"

    1. Hahahahaha... Yes Yes, point at me love. I am still so very excited about how organized everything looks.

  5. I love the rack! It's like a little rainbow sitting there in your room! :D

  6. Ohh rotating racks are nice! I don't have anything like that just bins with my polishes sort of rolling around :/ I'd like some kind of better storage at some point so I can organize by colors. I dislike having to dig around searching for the shades I want. Also I really love the advice you give at the end. NP can be addicting and living within the means that we each have is important!

    1. Yes, It was when I got tired of doing that, that I went to walmart and got the three drawer storage thing. You could try getting that one it was cheap, and it gives you a neat little place to arrange your polishes how you want.

      Thanks for understanding the advice I gave. We all really have to remember that we have to live within our means.

      As exciting as this hobby is, one can go overboard (just as with any other hobby) if caution is not taken.

  7. Can you move and be my neighbor Lizzy? :D hahaha Awesome post hehe

  8. Absolutely fabulous post!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  9. What a great polish rack and collection!

  10. I love those racks! I need to invest in some! =P

  11. wow!! it fits perfectly in your room love it!! i saw a few like it on amazon, i think i want one i can hang on the wall!

    "your hobby should never take priority over the pressing matters of your life like having enough money for rent, food, and other issues that my nursing people would call issues in the first level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs."

    i love this quote! and you are so right! its easy to get carried away when you see collection stashes etc, i remember years ago i kept wishing for a lippie collection or np collection, till i realized that its not priority and little by little it grew so much that i need a new bait box for my lippies -___- but one thing i kept in mind was that my needs first before buying anything else and i put price limits on everything i buy so i don't splurge unnecessarily lol

    1. That's the best way to do it dear.

      Priorities first. :-)


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