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My Birthday Outfit...

Hello Darlings...

If you saw the title of this post and wondered: Since when did she start posting Outfit of the day, or making outfit posts?? 

Well, I can understand where you're coming from. Lol...
This is a first for me. It's something I thought about for a LONG time, and I finally decided... WHY NOT!?!

A couple of months ago, I explained who I was to you guys In THIS POST via my facebook page. Most of you now know that I use a wheelchair for mobility and it's something I've been using since March 2008 when I had a car accident that resulted in what the Doctors call a Spinal Cord Injury.

I can't walk for now, but I believe I will someday soon, because God is Able, and there's nothing impossible through him.

I enjoy my life and one of the reasons I do is because I know that life is so worth living. We all only have one life to live, and we should always live it to the fullest doing the RIGHT things, and cherishing our loved ones.

When I left the hospital and rehab, I was thankful for all that I was taught, and how strong I had gotten. I was most importantly thankful for my LIFE.

But a major concern of mine was "appearance".
At the beginning of it all, I would only wear long flowing dresses because they were so much easier to get on by myself since I didn't have hand strength. In the hospital and rehab, the nurses were always there to help me get dressed, and when I first got home, my mom would also help me with somethings.

I was thankful for all the help, but The Do It Yourself Lady deep inside of me wanted to be able to get dressed on my own and look as fancy as I did before the accident.

After a while, I ditched the baggy dresses and I graduated to wearing baggy sweat pants and big T-shirts.
This still wasn't enough, so I started wearing Fancy tops, with sweat pants.

Gradually, I gained more strength, and realized I could still stay fashionable despite the fact that I was on a wheelchair.

This realization came after I got enough strength to pull up jeans, and after I had enough hand strength to hold my makeup brush.
Yes, there was a point where all those things were hard for me to do.

If you're not on a wheelchair or know someone close that lives their daily lives on a wheelchair, you might not understand what I'm saying. Lol...

Anyhoo... From now on, I'll have some posts on the blog about outfits, makeup and basically some tips I have learned over the years on how to remain fashionable even though you're on a wheelchair, or should I say, disabled.
Speaking of disability, that's a word I don't really like using. I don't address myself as disabled but since the point of making a post like this one is to reach anyone out there who might be "googling" - Staying fashionable as a disabled person, I have to use the term "disabled".

I am not an expert on fashion, and I don't always buy brand name stuffs, but if there's anyone out there who thinks that they can no longer look "cute" because of a disability/being on a wheelchair, I hope you can see through me, that, that is a lie. You can still wear just about anything you like (even though you might have to get creative sometimes), and you can look as good as you want in any state.

I must now mention that, I don't think people's outward appearance matter as much as their inner beauty.
This post or others that will come like it, are in NO way to make anyone feel as though outward beauty is more important than inner beauty.

I just want to be able to share this part of my life with anyone out there who is interested. That is all.

Enough of the blabs. Lol...
For my birthday, I chose to wear a dress in my favorite color ever - Purple!
Once again, I thought "red" was my favorite color, but it's obvious purple has won the race. Lol.. Check out my blog, isn't it obvious?

I already shared this on my facebook page, and I was greatly amazed at how you all responded. Thanks again guys. Y'all are awesome!!!
I know some people don't check the facebook page, so I chose to make a blog post.

In the tradition of "outfit posts" as I've seen on other fashion blogs, I'll now list what I'm wearing and where I got them.
I know it's not necessary to list the prices, but I will, just so ya know I shop for discounts in just about every aspect of my life and not just while purchasing nail polishes. Lol...

Dress: Ross ($12.99)
Panty Hose: Silkies (it turned out to be $2 since it was during a sales) - I wore this because I don't like leaving my legs all naked underneath short dresses like this. It's an added bonus that it makes the short dress look chic.
Earrings: Regular beauty shop around me (.99 cents)
Shoes: Dds Discount ($12.99)
Belt: Given to me by mom (but I'm sure it's somewhere around $5)

My hair is Senegalese twists. It was done by my beautician and I styled it this way to show off my earrings and put focus on my face.

My makeup was minimal.
For eyes: I used a purple eyeshadow from e.l.f palette I bought at $3.99, a Loreal Mascara I got free during a promo, and a black Kajal for my inner eyes.

Lips: Ruby Kisses  Color design lip color in fuchsia ($.99 cents), and lip gloss.

Face: MAC Pressed powder.

A close picture of my nails and shoes can be found in this post.

Most Importantly, My smile was given to me by God, and it's priceless. hahahaha... Lol...

Anyhoo darlings, that's it for my first post of this kind.
Don't expect too much of them. :-P
But I'll try my best to post them.. maybe I'll go through some of my older pictures and post those up... hmm...

Oh and please feel free to tell me if you like this kind of posts... Honestly, I'm interested in what you think.

That's it for now dearies...
Till Later, God bless.


  1. "Most Importantly, My smile was given to me by God, and it's priceless. hahahaha... Lol...'"

    LOL!!! awnn love outfit posts!! do moreeeee hehe i love your dress!!!! you look beautiful!! fine ghell no pimples! glad you had an awesome bday Lizzy :)

    1. Hehehehe... You know I get cheesy! Lol...

      Thanks so much sweetie. I will definitely try to do more outfit posts. Thank you my Naija sister.. I resemble u ni oo. ;-)

  2. Girl you look ROCKIN! That dress is gorgeous, I love the style and the color looks beautiful on you - plus your makeup compliments it perfectly. Hope you had a great birthday!

    1. Oh wow. Thanks dear. My birthday was lovely. :-)

  3. You look beautiful. I love that you look so great for such a great price!!! It is nice to see the person behind the blog. Thanks

    1. Yep. Shopping at a great price is kind of my specialty. hahaha. Thanks, and I'm glad to show you my face. It's kind of weird picturing only some set of nails talking to ya. Lol..

  4. Girl you rocked it! Hoping you had a wonderful birthday!

  5. Gorgeous dress! I love your positive attitude, and it absolutely shows :)
    You look amazing!
    I hope you had a fabulous birthday!!! xx

  6. I agree that your makeup works perfectly for the outfit! I hope you had a sparkling birthday to remember :)

  7. You look beautiful! Love the dress. No Ross here though:(

  8. You are GORGEOUS! What a strong, amazing, inspiring woman!!!

  9. Lizzy you look amazingly beautiful =]

  10. You are smoking hot in that outfit!! :)

  11. Lizzy, you look totally fab! I commented on your pic on Facebook (Claire Metcalfe). You are such a strong, brave, inspirational lady. My Mum has MS and has to use a wheelchair and has always battled and been determined (and never let go of the glam!). Keep doing what you are doing lovely xxx

  12. You are so beautiful! And I love how you express Christianity in blog posts. In this world it's not always so easy... Be blessed!

  13. I love this post, keep em comin! The dress is cute and you are beautiful! :)

  14. Thank you for sharing! You're too cute :)

  15. You are such and inspiration! And beautiful inside and out! your posts always bring a smile to my face :) me and my daughter (9 years old) LOVE to read your blog :) She told me to tell you that she loves your earrings that you're wearing with your birthday dress!

    1. Awww That make a bright smile come on my face. Having the little one read through my blog with you. That truly warms my heart. God bless you both.

      Tell her hi for me, and I'm so happy she loves my earrings and dress. :-)

  16. Happy birthday and you look beautiful!

  17. You look is beautiful!happy birthday!!!kiss!!

  18. Love the dress and earrings!! Happy Birthday!!!

  19. Girl, you look drop dead gorgeous!! You may be in a wheelchair, but you still look HOT! And I know I certainly could use a little bit of a lesson in attitude from you!

  20. You look fab!!!! Hope you had a fantastic birthday?! xoxoxo

  21. Feliz cumpleaƱos!!! quedaste muy linda, te luce mucho el morado! y tu cabello me encanta!

  22. Happy birthday, you look gorgeous, you are an inspiration to others : )

  23. Happy birthday to you lizzy, looking forever cutie. so proud of ya!...YNC!

  24. You are all so very kind. Thanks for your sweet words.

    I did have a wonderful birthday and it was fun!!!

    To those who call me an inspiration, Oh wow. I am honored.
    I didn't get here overnight and I sure hope someone out there who has given up or who is almost giving up realizes that there is ABILITY in disability. It sounds like a cliche, but honestly, the only thing we Cannot achieve are the things we don't try to achieve.

    Success, strength, and happiness do not come overnight, but with God and with continuous striving, we can all achieve those things.

    Since it appears the mass love this kind of post, I'll be certain to dilute the blog with them occasionally. :-)

    Thanks again you guys.
    It's my joy to share this part of my life with you.

  25. Gorgeous! I love more personal posts, so nice to get to know you :)

  26. Wow!!! You are beautiful both inside and out! Thanks for the gift of this writeup. Is it a coincidence that your house/blog is purple too *big smile* :)?

  27. I love the dress but it's the earrings that have totally got me - they're amazing!

  28. How hot are you? Purple is my favorite color and you rock the dress wonderfully.

  29. Those earrings go so well with the dress, and you are right about the hair showing off your lovely smile!

  30. Lizzy,happiest of birthdays!! You look amazing. That color looks made for you. Beautiful testimony, too. God is awesomely powerful, and your outlook is remarkable.

    1. God is indeed awesome dear. I thank him for being my strength. I didn't do this on my own.

  31. Love you Lizzy so much just by being who u are... and I am glad I have you as a friend <3 Hugs*

  32. inspirational post....there is ability in disability!

    love your dress especially the colour as purple is one of my fave colours x


  33. You look awesome! I can never find anything in Ross'! Happy belated birthday!!

  34. Hi you look absolutely beautiful i love Ross and DD's my birthhday is september 24th 6 more days!!!!!!! well happy late birthday your my role model!!!

    1. You're so kind. thanks and Happy Birthday in advance. :-) I Hope you have a blessed one.

  35. Wow you look amazing in that purple shade! and i loved reading your post - lovely in and out and i agree with you about which is most important.. after all, God looks not upon the outward appearance.. :)

  36. Nice gift. Looking gorgeous.


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