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Swatches and Nail Art: China Glaze - Jungle Queen

Hello Hello Everybody!!!

I have a mani I did a while ago, took pictures of it, but it hasn't been posted on the blog yet... so today, I shall post it since I've seen people doing "throwback Thursday" posts.

I won some polishes from Glam Polish during one of her giveaways. My prize was 6 polishes of my choice from China Glaze On Safari Collection!

The polish I'll show you today is called Jungle Queen and it appealed to me because it has some purple shimmer/duochrome-ness to it. :-)

Look at this beauty. It's gray in most light, but when the right light hits it, or when it's under the sun, the purple in it comes out and it's soo pretty!

I decided to spice this polish up a bit by making use of my striping tape.

My interpretation for this mani is that the "Jungle Queen" needs to be "tamed" by putting her in a cage... Like, putting some wires around her (i.e Striping tape). Lol...
Idk if that shows in this mani, but whatevs.. Lol.. I loved the end result and wore this for about 2 days before the striping tape started coming off.

I have tried several things to keeps striping tapes ON the nail, Lots of topcoat, but it appears the tape just always wants to come off. *sighs*. 
Any ideas to keep striping tapes on?? Please share with me. 

That's it for now darlings. 
Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. Super cute design with the tape! I never leave it on for that exact reason...after an hour or so it starts to come up. Polishing over the tape works best for me.

  2. Just tried tape recently & had the same problem :( A few of the tips stayed down but about half of them kept peeling back no matter how much top coat I used on top or underneath the tape.

  3. The purple shimmer look so nice. Following your blog. If you can check out mine :)

  4. I love what the stripes add to it!

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