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Happy Birthday To Me...

Hello sugars!!!!

Over the past couple of days, I've been hinting that my birthday is on the way...
Well, the day is finally here and I'm ONE YEAR OLDER TODAY!!!

Yipeeee Deee Doo!!!
I'm over the moon, excited, and THANKFUL for my Life.
I've definitely been blessed and I am glad to be alive today. God is awesome.
I Thank God for Life and for blessings, and for all the wonderful people in my life (Including you, reading this).
I'm growing y'all!!! And All thanks to the one who made me.

This post isn't just to say it's my birthday.. oh no sugars, I've got a mani to share!!!

I had sooooooooo many mani ideas in my head for today, and I couldn't decide exactly what to do. 

Anyhoo, A couple of days ago, I received a custom made polish in the mail, from one of the girls in my "birthday group" , and the custom made polish had everything I love in it. 
The sweet lady that sent it (Amanda M), really really studied me, and knows what I would LOVE!!! Check it out sugars. 

The Polish was made by "Sassy Lacquer" and it's called Purple People Eater Goes Holo. 

I love it! But don't get me wrong now, I Love all my gifts from the birthday group ladies, and they all picked out AMAZING polishes that screams LIZZY, but I chose to use this polish because it fits the outfit I'd be wearing today, which is duhhh... the Color Purple. :-D

I also wanted something "birthday-ish", so I chose to accent my nails with a cupcake nail art. :-)

I used the glitters in PPEGH to make the sprinkles on my cupcake, and added a rhinestone to the top of it.
The lighter purple is Kleancolor - Pastel Purple, and the cupcake stripes were made with Zoya - Suri.
Topcoat is Seche vite!

The ring finger nail on my left hand broke some days ago, but I didn't let that bug me, (Even though it almost did).... So I used my middle finger as the accent nail...
I love the cupcake on this one a LOT more than my left hand. lol...

I love this gorgeous custom made polish!!!

It has an amazing formula and it really has all of my favorite things. Holo, shimmer, glitter, and PURPLE! 
It matches my purple dress perfectly. I would show a picture of the dress, but I was in a hurry and couldn't take a picture of that. 

What I did take a picture of earlier is however, MY SHOES!!! 

I Picked this up at Dd's discount for $12.99. I'm in love with them!!!
They are so comfortable, and since they are wedges, they will sit pretty on the wheelchair's footplate without causing discomfort. 

Speaking of wheelchair, I have decided to share more about my life, fashion on a wheelchair and staying pretty despite being on a wheelchair with you guys... but more on that later. :-D

Today, I shall celebrate and enjoy my life, because WE ALL ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!
Till Later Sugars.
God bless. :-)


  1. Happy Bday! ^^


  2. Great polish, cute mani and love those shoes :) Happy Birthday to youuuuuu! :D

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it is an amazing one! :))

  4. Happy birthday! Those shoes are gorgeous!


  6. Happy Birthday!!! That polish is really beautiful!

  7. Those shoes are lovely, and I adore that polish! :) Happy Birthday!

  8. Looks like you are having a happy and blessed bday!!! Love the polish and the shoes :)

  9. Happy Birthday! Those shoes are too cute!

  10. Happy birthday! The polish and shoes are gorgeous :]

  11. Happy birthday! The shoes are fabulous!!

  12. Happy birthday! Yes, those shoes are cute!

  13. HAPPY BiRTHDAY...I hope you had a fabulous day!

  14. I love your birthday mani, your cupcake is adorable! Happy late birthday!!

  15. Hope you happy birthday, beautiful shoes and polish!

  16. Thanks a bunch everyone. It was an amazing birthday.


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