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Bloom.Com Deal: ($40 worth of cosmetics for $5)

This Deal has been Slightly Altered. Please read the "EDIT" at the bottom of the post  for more explanation. Thank you!


Hello Darlings!

Bright and early with an amazing deal for you guys!

Have you heard about Blooms.com? They carry cosmetics, nail polishes and many other beauty products.
Well, I want to tell you that you can get a $40 voucher for only $5, and Free Shipping is also inclusive!

First, Bloom.com is working with GiltCity is to give people $40 worth of voucher for $20. Where it gets good and how you can really end up spending only $5 is by following these steps:

  1. Become a Member of Gilt City By Clicking this Special Invite Link. New members will receive a $15 Gilt City Credit when you join. (You will see your credit in the "Special offers" section under "My Account". It will also be automatically used for your first Gilt City Purchase). This $15 credit is what will eventually make your Bloom Voucher worth $5.
  2. Buy the Bloom.com Voucher on Gilt City ( Hurry offer Ends on: Thursday, February 23). 
  3. Click Here to register on Bloom.com. 
  4. Enjoy Shopping! :-)
So, This deal is pretty amazing!!! $40 worth of beauty products for just $5!!!
I am about to get some O.P.I polishes and maybe some Zoya's at Blooms! I'm excited to share this one with you ladies. Hurry now before it's gone! 

**Looking for the Bloom deal on Gilt City and can't find it? Click "Women" at the top, and scroll down.. You should see it**

P.S: I called Bloom.com Customer Service, and they confirmed that this is a legit deal, and they have indeed partnered with Gilt City to provide this voucher.
Gilt City Customer Service also said to please give them 1 hour to 24 hours for your Voucher to be sent to you with instructions on how to redeem it.
I look out for you all you see. ;-)
That's It for now my dearies. Enjoy Shopping!
Till Later, God Bless.


EDIT/WARNING: This Post is being edited so many hours after I wrote the content above. 
The main reason for the editing is simply because "Good Things Don't Last forever". :-(
Sorry to those of you who couldn't take advantage of this deal while it was $40 worth for $5!

The Gilt City Website now offers new comers 20% off instead of the original $15, so at 20% off, The Bloom's Voucher will Now Cost you $16 instead of $5. 

I and MANY others were able to get the deal that was $40 Worth for $5. I have Receipts and screen shots to prove that this wasn't a gimmick. I received my Voucher from GiltCity and already purchased some polishes on Bloom.com. 

For whatever reasons best known to GiltCity, they stopped offering $15 to new comers, and chose instead to give 20% off. 
This is still not a bad offer, so If you're interested, you can go ahead and get the voucher as it will be available till the 23rd of February. 
The Steps to redeem the voucher remains the same as stated above. The only difference now is that You WILL be geting $40 worth of products for $16. Shipping is Free. 


  1. dont they ship internationally? :(

    1. Sorry Love, Bloom is U.S Only shipping. :-(

    2. awwwww thanks anyway! nice deal!
      hope you all get awesome things! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! It's an awesome deal.

  3. Thank you! I've gotten some good stuff from Bloom with different vouchers.

  4. This is so amazing! I'm on a major budget so this helps me feed my polish addiction without feeling guilty!! Thank you so much. SO excited!

    1. Hehe... Glad to help. I absolutely understand the Budget thing. :-D

  5. is the free shipping special since we are getting a gilt voucher? on the bloom.com site, free shipping starts at $49?

    1. Yes. It is "special". If you're buying directly from bloom he over $49 clause applies. But I've been made to understand that with the Voucher, shipping is free.

    2. wonderful! thank you so much!

  6. Just wanted to let you know that Gilt changed this and now it's only a 20% discount on first order, not $15 anymore

    1. I heard!!! Bummer!

      Glad for those who were able to use it while it was $15 for new comers.
      God things don't last always. Lol

      Oh and I hope you ladies who bought it have started getting your vouchers. I got mine almost an hour ago. Call CS if you don't get anything soon.


  7. Please people be aware that a lot of people have confirmed that gilt city now gives 20% off to new customers...no longer $15.

    God things don't last long I guess.
    I would edit my post with this information, but I'm on my phone and can't edit post from it. Idk why, but its not allowing me edit.

    You can still get the deal, it should now be $40 worth for $16. Not bad.

  8. I was able to get the $15 deal. It was amazing and I picked up 5 OPIs from bloom.com with it.


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