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Blue Me Away because I'm Up All Night...

Hello darlings...

Love my title?! Lol... I am so dramatic!

First Things First... Happy Sunday My darlings.. Hope you're going to, or were at Church today? ;-)

Secondly, the Stamping group I'm in on facebook have a tradition where we dedicate Sundays to a themed stamping by everyone. Basically, we vote on a stamping theme during the week, and everyone interested will do a mani based on the theme and post it to the group on Sundays.
This weeks' theme is "Blue"!

With my new XL Plates, I didn't have to think long or hard on which design to use. The possibilities are endless! I only had to decide on the blue polishes I wanted to use, and I chose Sally Hensen - Blue Me Away! as my base color and China Glaze - Up All Night for my stamping color. Now you know the reason for the title of this post. :-D
I Chose a Design from XL Plate C for my stamping, and I sealed the whole mani with Color Club's Top coat, Which, Can I just say... IS AMAZING!

I'm a "Nothing is a good as Seche Vite" type of girl, but after using my Color Club Topcoat, I stand corrected! Dry time rivals Seche Vite, and the shine is amazing on the CC Topcoat. I love it! Finally, mmy Seche Vite can rest!

Before I show y'all the pictures though, I have sad news... :-(
I broke two nails on my "swatching - Left hand"! My pinky and ring finger nails broke! Usually I let broken nails "catch up" with other nails, but with two nails breaking, I had to file down the rest of my nails. :-(
I know you guys understand how breaking a nail would make me sad.
Anyhoo, I decided to swatch on my right hand since the nails on that were still intact.

Not too bad for a work done with my non-dominant hand right?
Right Hand

When my right hand was done, I Loved the design so much, so I decided to stop sulking and embrace my nubbings! I painted my left hand nails and stamped on them too.
Left hand

Oh, and before you say my Nubbins aren't that "short", Let me show you this picture with my pinky in it. Lol.. See why I was sad now? But But... I'm no longer sad. There's no shame in my game. I am embracing these shorties!
So Those of you out there who have short nails, Can you see that you have no excuse not to stamp your nails and get creative? It still looks cute my dearies..

And Finally, I must show you something that had me all excited! For the first time in EVER, I was able to stamp on my Thumb only ONCE!! With the XL plates, double stamping was not necessary, and there were no spaces on the sides of my thumb nail. Haaa Amazing!!

 That's it for now ladies. Hope you enjoyed my Blue nails. And I hope I've been able to inspire some of you ladies out there with short nails to embrace your short beauties. :-)

Till Later. God Bless.


  1. very pretty colors! the stamp design is amazing!

  2. love this manicure, the two blues work so well together x

  3. very lovely, I like this one Lizzy, you go girl!

  4. Thanks ladies.
    I really enjoyed doing this one, and I'm gonna wear it for a couple of days. Gotta see how well my Color Club top coat wears.

    Gotten a lot of compliments on my mani. Even with my nubbins. I'm a happy girl. :-D

  5. This is so lovely! Love the colors!

  6. Your nails are amazing ! I know how frustrating it is when two nails break and you have to file up all of them ! It happens often to me...anyway they look good ! <3

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  7. Breaking a nail is no disaster in my opinion, and this post proves it well. :)

  8. I love the design! I love the XL plates too! I was debating getting some. There's so many plates out there! Don't worry nail breaks happen, nails grow, that's life!

  9. awwn so sorry about the nails breaking
    :( hate when that happens (my nails break a lot) i love the blue nails!! theyre so pretty!!


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