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Review of XL Plates: Jumbo Nail Art Image Plates by Cheeky

Hello there my darlings!

It's Saturday, It's Saturday! Hope you're getting some rest, and enjoying your weekend?

Today, I have a review for you. Yeppers! I'm reviewing some Jumbo Nail Art Image Plates (Also know as XL plates), by Cheeky from Amazon.

Thanks to the stamping group I'm in on facebook, I learned about Cheeky plates a couple of days ago. I didn't have to be told twice because I loved what I saw! Shipping was free (because I have Prime), and my plates got to me two days after I ordered.
Cheeky is a new brand (to me, and most people), and most of the plates they have for sale are going out of stock really quickly! I'm so glad I got these ones, and I hope they bring back the plates that are currently out of stock.

These ones I got came in a pack of three for $19.99. The Plates I have are Plates A, C, and H.
Cheeky XL plate A, C, and H

Each plate came with the blue protective cover that was really easy to remove.

Here's plate A. Which is my favorite! This is the only plate in the bunch that is full of different - no duplicate images.

This next one is Plate C. I absolutely like the designs on this plate too, but As you can see, almost all the images have a "Mirrored image" next to it. By "Mirrored image", I mean, one design faces the right, while the next one faces the left.  I would have preferred if all the designs were completely different. But I can't complain too much. It's all good.

Finally, we have Plate H. This one contains small images, not full images like the other two plates. I like this one because of the many floral designs, but once again, this plate also has mirrored images.

Oh and here is something I find amazing/interesting. Each plate had a padding behind it. I love how sturdy the pad made the plates feel. No worry about the plates cutting me. Lovely! 

Here are some comparison with other plates.

First, I decided to compare the images on the Cheeky plate with my Konad plate and Red Angel Plate.
As you can see, the Cheeky images are Bigger. Which I absolutely LOVE!

Next I compared the image on the Cheeky Plate next to an image from my Bundle Monster (set B) plate.
Once again, the Cheeky images are bigger.
Cheeky Plate A

I then Decided to try out one of my plates by stamping some of the images on it. I figured if one plate stamped well, I would trust that the other plates were good too.  I Chose plate C.

The Plate was completely Stained when I got done. Lol.. Sheeeshhh... Red is not a forgiving color! And my scrapper totally needs to chill out with the scratching! Lol.. I might need to start using Old Credit cards to scrape.

Here are the Images I stamped.

Here are some more detailed view of the images.
I must say, I'm very impressed with these plates. Even the tiniest dots in each design transfers!!! Look how well this transferred!

The complexity of the designs amazes me and excites me! I absolutely love these! Once again, no patching... just about everything transfers.

Images are big enough for those of you with long nail beds or really long nails.

 With the help of some pure acetone, I was able to wipe my plate clean and get it back to a decent form.
Gotta look into using old credit cards for real though. I'm not liking the lines that the Konad scrapper leaves on my plate.

Ok ladies, That's it for my review of the Jumbo Nail Art Image Plates by Cheeky.
I am excited with these XL plates, and I love how detailed the images are. Complex designs that actually transfer onto the stamper and then onto the nails.

The only complaint I have with these images is interestingly the same reason why I love them. Lol..The Images are Huge! So huge in fact that some images are too big for my Konad stamper. I currently don't have to worry about investing in an XL stamper, but if I ever let my nails grow long, I'll look into getting one.
If your nails are long, it might do you good to get an XL stamper. Which I believe can only be bought from Magno nails. I hope that soon, other sellers will have an option to buy an XL stamper. Until then though, if you need one, grab it from Magno nails.

These images were a good deal IMO. Magno Nails actually had these plates for $21 EACH! And I got 3 for $19.99?! Boy! No wonder they're going out of stock quickly!
Hurry and grab yours before it's all gone.
P.S: You can see FULL details of each image on the plates on the amazon product page. I didn't think it was necessary to show each image when they are on amazon already.

Tell me what you think about these? Do you have any XL plates? Are you getting some now?

Till Later my loves. God Bless.


  1. Replies
    1. The designs on it are amazing aren't they? Thanks.

  2. OMG, I am so jealous right now! I love those!

    1. Lol... With your fabulous long nails, you need these plates! :-)

  3. Great post! I bought XL plates A,B,C,D, from Magno Nails. Oh how I wish Cheeky would have let us choose our 3 plates. I did buy G, H, K haven't gotten them yet but oh boy I can't wait! Still a better price then Magno Nails :)

    1. Yeah Magno nails definitely made their money before CHeeky brought these out.
      I also wish CHeeky would let us pick our plates, but can't complain at the prices they offer. I want to own all the plates anyway... *Wishes I had the money for that to happen*.

      Thanks though. I hope your plates get to you soon. You'll love them.

  4. Wow, I really wish I'd known about Cheeky before I bought my XL plate B from Chez Delaney. I'm not going to say how much I paid, except that it was a lot. :P The images are plenty wide for my nails, but I have to cut my nails down to nubbins to cover them. I don't really mind though, there always comes a time when one breaks and I have to nubbinize. :P

    Just bought a big plate, but if I can get three for $19.99...

  5. oooooh!! Lizzy!! I gotta orders these ASAP!!

  6. I agree with Sandra I'm so jealous! I love the designs i can see!!

  7. I need to look into these plates because I have wide long nail beds and these may solve my stamping problems :) Thanks for the review

  8. WOWOWOWOW these are truly amazing! Thanks for sharing so much detail in pics/texts and comparisons! I've never heard of them...very interested now - GREAT REVIEW :)

    1. Thanks a Bunch. I try to give detailed review when I review stuff. Which is why I always almost procrastinate reviewing products. Lol.. I do love giving insight to products though.

      A lot of people never heard of them. It's interesting how they have increased the price on these now though. I Guess the more people that are interested, the more they feel they can increase the price. *Sad*

  9. This is great information! I still am a bit iffy on using mine correctly... any tips?

    1. Oh Dear, sorry it took me a while to answer your question. I commented on your blog. Email me at thedoityourselflady@gmail.com if you have any other questions. :-)

  10. Credit card or somekind of card is way better than the konad scrapers. And easier to clean.

    1. Yeah.. Absolutely looking into those now. Thanks Ida.

  11. how do you get the stamp so beautiful and crisp?

  12. I purchased all of the XL plates & I must say they are definitely worth it. To be honest, I prefer them to Konads only because they are larger but the images are so crisp & wonderful!!! they are definitely worth every penny!

    1. Yep! They are so worth it! :-) Glad you love them.

  13. thanks for the review! I was comtemplating whether to get them or not since i want images that can cover my entire nails and i have big finger nails....Konads plate can't cover my nails even when i cut them short.
    I think I'll be getting these....

    1. You are so welcome. I'm glad to have helped you. :-)

  14. I got the cheeky plate b in the mail a few days ago and I was a little dissapointed, my plate came a little bent so it was hard to transfer the images, I'm going to try again and hopefully I have better luck!

  15. Great review with great comparison in visual detail. The reason for the mirrored plates is because one is specifically for right fingernail & the other is for the left. Thank you.


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