Icing Magnetix - Blue/Purple

By Lizzy O. - February 23, 2012

Hello Darlings!

Today I have my first Magnetix polish to show you. A while back, I went to Icing and got two magnetix polishes. I got the Blue/Purple one, and a red crimson one.

What I'm showing you today is the Blue/Purple one, It looked so good, I was so eager to wear it. :-)

On My Left hand (my nubbins are growing.. guess I can't even call them nubbins anymore..lol)
Here you can see the other way the lines can be. I don't know which I like best.. Both are so gorgeous.

And the most lovely thing about this polish? If you don't like the way the lines appear, or want to try a different pattern, you don't have to clean off your nails. just apply one layer of polish, and use your magnet again.
After I did the horizontal style above, I wanted to make both my hands equal, so I just applied another layer of the polish, and used the magnet in a vertical manner to get what you see below.

Excuse my messy clean-up.

I didn't think my pictures did the mani/polish justice, so I made a short video. You'll love this!

See how gorgeous the polish really is?
I couldn't get the magnetic cap to come off the polish cap, so if anyone has a trick to take it off, please share with me. Lol.. It was interesting painting and immediately using the magnetic before the polish got a bit dry. The wavy lines show better when polish is wet

Do you have Icing magnetix polish or any other Magnetix polish? I think this will be a big trend this year. They are so gorgeous, and a easy way to transform your manicure and have a lovely design on it.

I can't wait to show you the second one I picked up!
Thanks for viewing. Till Later, God Bless.

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  1. I find Icing's Magnetic polishes are a lot more vibrant than the China Glaze ones!

    1. I don't own the CG ones, so I wouldn't know. But These sure are amazing!


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