A Love Affair?

By Lizzy O. - February 13, 2012

Hello Darlings!!!

Is this Love or what?! Over 300 followers? Thanks everyone!

Interestingly, The challenge for my stamping group on facebook was to do a Valentine inspired stamping manicure. I wasn't feeling so uppity this past couple of days, but I pulled through, and I'm now strong again! I'm feeling better and can make this post. Forgive me for my random acts of being MIA. To those I follow, I tell you, I'm still reading your posts, it's the process of commenting I seriously need to keep working hard at. Lol... Especially when I comment and forget to enter the "Captcha word" before I close tab! I'm like.. WHY ME!!!

Anyhoo... Tomorrow is Valentine's day... ohhhhh.... I smell Love everywhere.... I feel love everywhere... and I have love on my nails.... sooo.. It's definitely  A LOVE AFFAIR!

For this mani, I used Zoya Charity as base. Kleancolor Nail to Toe Art for stamping.
RA plate 101 and 120 on accent nail
And RA plate 105 on other nails.

 On my Left hand... my shorties... I did the same, but I was also able to freestyle the word LOVE on my Ring finger. I used a red acrylic paint and a tiny brush for that. :-)

I hope you Love what you see... :-)
And I wish you a very fabulous Valentine's Day!
God is Love.

Thanks for viewing and God bless.

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