My Bloom Box Is Here!!!

By Lizzy O. - February 27, 2012

Hello ladies. 
Just a quick post to show y'all that the Bloom's deal I posted a while back wasn't fake. Lol.. I must admit, while I was purchasing, I felt like I won the lottery, and seeing my box in person:-D

Here's a picture of everything I got. Remember the deal was $5 for $40 worth of product on Bloom? Well I went overboard by an additional $1.50, so everything you see here is $6.50!!!! OMG! I'm happy!

And a break down of the bloom box. Look at the pretty Pink wrapping the goodies came wrapped in, inside  the box. 

And I got a personalized welcome card from them. :-D

Polishes were wrapped in bubble wrappers for protection!

I Got Nicki Minaj Collection Minis, and boy do I regret this. Lol.. The Minis are SOOOOOOOO Tiny!!! I didn't know they would be that tiny! Now I have to get a full sized bottle of Fly and Pink Friday because they are so pretty in person.

Here's a Mini O.P.I beside a regular sized bottle. See how small the mini is? SMH. lol

And Of course I picked up some Zoya polishes! And a Pretty Duochrome Sally Hensen polish - Grape Going.
Zoya - Phoebe, Lolly, Kristen. Sally Hensen - Grape Going

 Up Close look at my Zoyas.

Alright my loves. That's it for my Bloom Box products!
There's nothing as amazing as getting a good deal! It makes my love for polishes very very affordable. :-D

Did any of you guys get your Bloom box? Got any Picture(s)? Share the link to your picture or blog post about your bloom box. I'd love to see what you got!
I Know a lot of people used my link, so don't be shy, share with me. :-)

That's it for now darlings. Till Later, God Bless.

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  1. lovely polish haul! :)
    *new follower here*

    1. Thanks and Welcome! Hope you stick around. Good to have you here. :-)

  2. Thank for the link. I got some goodies from Bloom too that day:) Mostly OPI Holland polishes.

  3. Hi, I'm new here! Nice nail polishes, I love both the OPIs and the Zoyas *_* Phebe *__*

  4. I just started blogging and checking out other peoples blogs! I really love your blog it is super creative. I am also a do it yourself kind of person! I was going to add your blog to my blog roll but I don't know how :( I am blogging on here its Enchanting Cosmetics, I am also on facebook and there is a link to my blog from there. It would be really appreciated if you would follow my blog also :) thank you!

    1. I just saw your facebook page. Interesting stuff that you commented on my blog. Lol.. Now Liked your page.

      Thanks for the awesome compliment on my blog. I really appreciate it.
      And Oh Yeah! More DIY ladies!
      The blog roll thing messes up once in a while, and even though I'd love to explain it to you, I think the best thing to do is to google "How to add blog to blog roll on blogger" or something along those lines.
      I hope you figure it out cos I'll love to be on your blog roll. :-)

      Following you*

    2. Thank you!! and I am pretty sure that I figured out the blog roll, and pretty sure that your on it!!

  5. I've got both my Zoya Valentine's Day deal and my nail mail in one post:

    Enjoy! :)

    1. Awesome. Checked it out. Lovely polishes you got!!!

  6. grape going is one of my favorite polishes! i'm at the bottom of my bottle :)

    1. OH wow. Now I can't wait to wear it!

      You might be needing another bottle soon. :-)

  7. Wow! What a great deal! Nice choice of Zoyas!


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