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Some very WHIMSICAL Combinations

Hey there darlings...

I finally, finally can show y'all my very own... I mean.. my very own... swatches of the amazing Whimsical by Revlon! Just because I'm cool *cough*, I have decided to give my Whimsical a nickname. I shall henceforth call her "Whims". Lol..
I am sure you've seen this polish over and over and over and over again. Some of you own it, some don't care for it, and some are probably still looking all over for it.

*sigh*... Can I just say another thank you to Jess for giving me this polish. I love it!

Whims is a sheer polish that looks best when layered. The glitters in it are a bit hard to transfer on the nails, but for the end result, I didn't mind strategically placing them on my nails. lol.
Majority of people have layered Whims over blues (ranging from baby blue, to sky blue, to royal blue, and.. uhmmm... you get it, all sorts of blues). Well, I decided to do something different. I already knew the polish looks great over blues, so I had to challenge myself to do something else.

I whipped out one of my untried polishes for this mani. I chose Ice Pink by Savvy (Lovely Marisa sent this to me). I am so glad I finally got to use this polish. One of my new fav pinks! Application was lovely and I had no problem at all with it!
I applied two coats of Whims over two coats of Ice Pink to get this effect.

 Love this over pink.. such a soft pink with the glitters floating on top. Love!

Oh, and here is Ice Pink alone. The base in Whims affected her a bit, and even though I love Ice Pink alone, I love what whims did to her. It made her a bit creamy and softer.  

 Secondly, I layered this over OPI - Skull and Glossbones. 
I Love this combo so much! I love Skullbones (hahaha, I'm on a roll with the nicknames)! Skullbones is such a pretty polish on it's own, but I loved it as a base for Whims because it blended in with Whims' base color and allowed Whims to shine! Skullbones made it look like Whims got opaque on its own.

 This is my favorite way to wear Whims. Here's an upclose look.

As a reminder, Here's Skullbones alone. Such an awesome base for almost anything.

  And Just because I had to satisfy my inner "How does it really look over blue" question, I went ahead and layered it over Zoya - Skylar. 

I Love this look too! Whims just seems to be the polish that keeps on giving!

Here's Skylar alone. Such a pretty Polish!

I am so glad that I was able to try Whims over 3 different polishes. It was an experiment I had to do, because as much as I loved seeing others layer Whims over baby blues, I was curious to see what she looked like over other colors. Need I say, I am NOT disappointed. The Polish is amazing!

My Favorite combo is Skullbones and Whims. Which one is yours?

Thanks for reading ladies. Till Later, God Bless. :-)

This is a Scheduled post. 


  1. For me its a tie between the Pink and the Skullbones (one of my faves at the mo) I never knew it'd look so good layered in this way :)

    1. Thanks! I love trying different layering combos. You never know what you'll discover. :-)

  2. Pretty, I like it over the blue!!

    1. It is pretty. So many people layer it over blue. Now I know why. hehe

  3. Great combos!! Whimsical goes well with so many different colors.

  4. So nice to see it over different bases, thanks!

  5. don't forget to wear it over CG Sea Spray - the perfect base for this xx

    1. I don't own CG Sea spray, but I'll keep this in mind in case I ever own her.

  6. I think it looks so pretty over the pink!

    1. Me too. If the Skullbones combo wasn't already my fav, I would be drooling for the pink combo.

  7. Replies
    1. :-D

      Sweet! I love hearing which combo everyone likes best. :-)

  8. Awesome post! I am still REALLY lemming Whimsical but you can't get it here in the UK :( I tried to dupe it but looking at a post like this makes me just want the real thing more!

    1. I went on your blog and saw your Whims Franken. You did a great job, but I can understand how you still want the real thing.
      It's actually really hard to find here in the U.S too, but I heard that Revlon will be bringing out more in the nearest future. SO that's something to look forward to. :-)

  9. Oh I love it on Skylar! Fact I love Skylar too!

  10. I love all of your combination!! Great choices :)*


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