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By Lizzy O. - February 07, 2012

Hello Love Muffins,
Just a quick post here.

A BIG WELCOME TO ALL MY NEW FOLLOWERS!  An Even bigger welcome to those who are not just here for my giveaway...(*wink*)... A great and mightier welcome to those Who have taken out the time to read my previous posts.... And An Awesome, humongous, magnificent WELCOME to those Who have not only read my previous posts, but Also COMMENTED on them!!!
You All Are AWESOME!!!!!! Thank You so Much for being here, and I am so glad I can share my love and creativity with you all. :-D

One of things I do as a Do It Yourself Lady is to look for coupons, and shop with them whenever I can. I love freebies, but when I can't get freebies, coupons are the next best thing. ;-)

Today, I've got an Ulta coupon you can use, both in store and Online. It's a $3.50 off any $10 purchase coupon.

Next, I would like to inform you all that I update my Giveaway page whenever and as frequently as I can. If there's a BIG giveaway that requires immediate attention/submission, I will make a special blog post about it as soon as I can.
For those of you on facebook, if you've "Liked"  The Do It Yourself Lady, you must know by now that, that is the fastest way to get in on a lot of the deals/giveaways that require QUICK action! So Go ahead and "Like" my page because not every giveaway/freebie go on for days. Some are first come, first serve and I would love for you to take advantage of them...  ;-)

That's it for now my dears.
Till later, God bless. :-)

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