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"You have More nail Polishes?"

Howdy darlings...

What's with my post Title? That's what my almost 5 Years old Little brother said to me when some of nail mails came in. Lol... Oh Dear!!! Every time I get a mail, he immediately says it's nail Polish for Lizzy. He gets excited when he brings my nail polishes because he knows I get excited when I get nail polishes. lol... He brings my mails to me, and says "You have More Nail Polishes?"
I giggle and say: *Opening mail frantically*, I Hope So darling! lol
Have you guys ever gotten nail mails you forgot was coming to you? That happens to me sometimes, and I get even more excited because I wasn't expecting it. LOL. I Love Nail Mails!!!

Anyhoo... On to Today's post!
This post is packed with Dare-I-Say, "High End Polishes".

No Your eyes are NOT tricking you. What you see are infact, Deborah Lippmanns, Elixir Lacquer and A-Englands. :-P

In order of appearance, Let's start with the mighty DL's shall we?
A While back, I posted a Deborah Lippmann Coupon Code for 50% off. Well, I had some cash to spend and knew that  if I missed that deal, my chances of getting Deborah Lippmanns were slim to none. lol. I could not get myself to pay full price for these babies... as Gorgeous as they are. Eeesshhh.. Maybe when I start rolling in cash I might, but for now, I'm always on the look for coupons for them.

Each Polish Came in its own box. Which helps me understand the original price a bit more. Packaging and presentation has been factored in the cost of the polish. I understand the price, but I don't think I can Justify spending it. :-D
Deborah Lippmann: Happy Birthday, Across the Universe, Today was a Fairytale

And Out of he Boxes, Here are my beauties. *Happy Dance*

Next Up we have Elixir Lacquers!!! If you haven't heard of these yet, I'm pleased to introduce you to them.
These are actually made by a wonderful lady - Nicole in the nail polish/blogging world. Nicole released her first Collection of polishes a while back, and although I wanted ALL the polishes, I could only afford two, and I chose the Two that screamed my name. Nicole's blog can be found HERE, and You can Go HERE to buy Elixir Lacquers.
Nicole packaged each polish in a neat and safe manner.

And Here are my beauties. I Love Nicole's story behind each polish. :-)
Elixir Lacquer: "With A K" and "A Cool Fool"

Next, I have my A-Englands! I heard so much about these polishes!! I wanted them so much, but once again, the price kinda weighed me down. lol... One fateful night, while I was patrolling the internet late at night, I discovered that A-england was having a 30% off Sale for their One year anniversary! Well, You didn't have to tell me twice! I knew that was my chance to own these two polishes that I had on my lemming list! I present A-England: Lady of The Lake, and Tristam!

Each one came well packaged. I mean, a sealed bubbled wrap package. I honestly Understand why these polishes are expensive. Presentation and quality. There's an old African Proverb that says: Better soup, na money kill am. Meaning, To own something of good taste/quality, you must spend money! 

 And Finally, I have My First magnetix polishes! I picked these up at Icing while shopping with a friend of mine. Yes, I went shopping with her, and she bought me polishes. Nothing is free nowadays yo! Hey, Gotta pay for this addiction somehow. Lol... hahaha... j/k... I have nice friends who complain about my polish addiction, but they secretly love it and they fuel it. :-P

Side Note: My mouse pad on my laptop is acting possessed right now, so I think It's time to bring this post to an end gracefully. lol...

These are the goodies I just got ladies. I Wish I had super powers to swatch them all right now. Anyone wanna help me try these out? Hahahahahaha.. j/k! As if I'll let you near my babies! Pfffttt!!

I Hope y'all have entered my giveaway by now? I Love buying for myself and owning more polishes, but I also love giving, so please enter the giveaway for a chance to win something from me!

I would ask which one of these you'd like to see swatched first, but I already know which I'm wearing right after I publish this! Expect a post soon my loves... Have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for reading, Till later, God Bless.


  1. WOOEE what a great haul!! :D I only have one of those (Across the Universe, which I really really like!! :D). I am looking forward to the swatches!! :D

  2. *waiting for my invitation to come over & play with your new pretties!!!*

    they all look amazing! can't wait to see your posts on these babies!

  3. LMAO that is so funny, but this nail mail is awesome! my son says no more nail polish mami... he is 3

  4. I am sooo very J!!!!!!!!!!!
    and my whole family does the "there's another package in the mail for you" thing and I also forget at times that I ordered!;)

  5. I am coveting Across the Universe so much. Nice haul!

  6. My mum's like that. 'You have MORE shoes?'. Luckily nail polishes are much easier to hide!


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