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April's Haul/Nail Mails

What it do peoples!?!

Lol... Yes, I'm random, and my opening lines always crack me up. Lol... 

Anyhoo, as most of y'all might know, the month of April was the month I decided to do the Nail Polish Buying Challenge. 
The challenge rules stated that if a nail Polish or Nail related item wasn't Free, 50% off, or less than $2, IT MUST NOT COME HOME!
At the beginning of the challenge, I almost backed out because It seemed hard to do.
I did however stick to the challenge, and I'm glad to announce I made it (kinda). lol...

Here are some things I got... To see These and many more, Click Read More to read about my month and feast on some pictures. :-)

The challenge was fairly hard, but I was glad I had some unused credits on some of my websites like Amazon, Copious, and eBay. Using those credits technically made most of my purchases (free, less than $2, or 50% off). No they weren't "my Money" that I saved on there. The credits were earned and given to me freely.

I hope I have everything I got in April in this post.

First of, I'll start the only thing I got that sorta broke the rule. It's this Salon Express Nail Stamping Kit. And I explained the reason for breaking the rule in the post above. Original price is $10 and I got it for $6.99. Not bad right? Someone said she saw these being sold somewhere for $14, so, technically, I still got it for 50% off. Hahahaha...
See review Here
Salon Express Nail Art stamping Kit. 

Next, Cult nails had the 50% off sale, I got three polishes, because we were limited to three. This was good, because the whole purpose of the Nail Polish Buying Challenge was to save some cash. Lol.. See swatches here.
Cult Nails: Wicked fast, Captivated, Manipulative

And, From Copious, I got these polishes... That were technically free, thanks to everyone who registered on copious with my referral link. I found out I had some copious credits to spend for this month of April, and honestly that was a blessing! :-D
If you're already on copious, I hope you've spent your $10 or $5. The credits expire overtime so hurry and spend it. Also, Remember to share your copious links with your friends, they'll get $10 for signing up, and you'll get $5 when they make their first purchase. Not already on Copious? Click Here to learn all about how you can join.
Zoya - Luna, Milani: Bella berry, soft white, brown-a-liscious, Loreal: apple of my eyes

Here's the one copious purchase I'm most excited about. The moment I saw Disco Biscuit on Copious, I had to snag her right up. These two plus what you see in the picture above all Total only 0.7cents. Yes, I said 7 cents!!! :-D Even if you use your copious credit, Copious charges 1 cent for every transaction, so that's why I ended up paying a cent each for these.
Butter London: Disco Biscuit, and Nabi Pink Matte
I also got Zoya - Delilah from Copious, and it's still on it's way.

I went Dusty Hunting and found two Hard to find Polishes from China Glaze Kaleidescope collection. Sadly, One of them had no name, and the lady in the store changed the cap on the bottles. Still though, HTF Holos at $4 each? Definitely more than 50% off. I've seen one of these go for as high at $20!
China Glaze -  Spind me round,and it looks like (Rated Holographic)

And I got this stamping plate from amazon with a gift card credit that had been sedentary on there. I wanted this for My easter mani, but it came after easter.. so I'll just save it for some other time. :-)

And here's my most recent purchase at Sally's (just got these this past weekend). Somewhere in between this, is a combination of great deals. Buy two Polishes Get One free + $10 Off $20 Coupon + Additional 15% off that the sales lady gave me = A happy Lady!! Hurry, You can still use the Sally's 10 off 20 coupon today! 
Left to right: Gelous Topcoat, Orly-Androgynie, Finger Paints - Pop Rock Pink, China Glaze - Innocence, Liquid Crystal, Ray-diance, Electrify and some cuticle sticks. 

I also got These striping tapes on eBay for .32 cents (because I had some eBay credits). Original price is only $1.50 for 12 piece striping tapes. I'm so excited for these to come.

For the "free things", Well, I don't know if they qualify for free, because they were sent for review, but... I guess I should share anyway. I got Zoya - Surf and Beach Collection, Born Pretty Store - Ck-04 Stamping plate and Pink Glitter Polish.

I definitely had a good month with this challenge. Since I couldn't find many 50% off deals, I basically couldn't buy. I also wasn't able to go to any CVS or Walgreens, so items under $2 was really hard to come by. Lol...
I thought this challenge would be really hard and nearly impossible at the beginning, but thankfully as the time went by, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was.

Now, before you mention it, I will admit that Having the Zoya - Surf and Beach Collection sent for review made the challenge a bit easier to stick to. Lol.... Hey, there's no shame in my game. I'll say it as it is. Lol...
I do commend you other ladies who didn't have "sent for review" items to keep you busy, but still KEPT to the Challenge! You all are the real success stories here, and I am sooo glad to have done this challenge with everyone of you.

I will definitely look into doing this challenge for another month. But Not the Month of May. Lol... I have declared MAY as my Indie Polish Month! I currently have ONLY two indie polishes, and both are by Elixir Lacquers. Great Polishes, but I need more Indies in my life! I am tired of being in the stone age. Lol..

In conclusion, I definitely saved and gave a lot this month. I usually don't toot my own horn, but it felt nice to be able to give to others instead of spending on myself this month. As I stated in the post about this challenge, I didn't start the challenge because I was broke, it was more as a test for restraint and limiting my spending on polish related items.
There were many other great deals I found and shared on my facebook page, but I decided not to partake in them because I was really trying to limit my purchases.

If you're interested in doing this challenge for any month you choose, please feel free to go here and read all about it. Get on our facebook page and tell us you're taking the challenge. Share the badge on your blog/page, and get to saving some money! Deals and freebies are out there, I'll do my best to bring them to you, and you can also find them if you search. :-D
You don't always have to spend because you have the money. ya dig?

Alright darlings, that's it for now.
Till later, God Bless. 


  1. Great haul! Jealous...share with me :p

    1. Lol... sorry love, these are MINE.. Lol..

  2. I'm glad you had such a positive experience with this challenge!! Amazing hauls!!! :D

  3. I'm so jealous right now!! :))
    So many beautiful stuff!
    Thank's for sharing!



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