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Swatches: Orly - Androgynie

Hello!!! Happy New Month!!!

Yesterday, I showed y'all the things I got in the month of April... Well, what better way to start May than with one of the Polishes I was most excited to get, and at a great deal too!

I've got swatches of Orly- Androgynie to show you!!!
You've seen this polish around, you probably own it, or maybe it's one of your biggest lemmings...
I found it at Sally's and I just had to get it!

I Present.... Androgynie!!!

Androgynie was opaque in two coats. The first coat was really really sheer, and that scared me a bit, but after letting the first coat dry for some minutes, I applied a second coat, and it magically was opaque. Lol... I wanted the gorgeous glitters you see in the bottle to come out and play some more, but since that didn't happen, I just made do with what I was given. I finished this with one coat of my favorite topcoat - Color Club Topcoat.

Do you notice something different about my nails/swatches?

Aside from the fact that this is my right hand, I have to state something that's making me really happy! I have discovered the EXACT length I want my nails to be! Thanks to my "abandoned" right hand, I have come to the realization that I want my nails to be slightly longer than they are on my left hand (which is the one that frequently appears on my blog). Righty will be making appearance on the blog until the nails on my left hand catch up. Or maybe, until forever.. lol.. we'll see.

It's harder to paint on my right hand, because I'm right handed and can't really do much with my left hand. But I am determined to have lovely swatches, so something's gotta give. Lol...
My cleaning technique/Photographing skills also seems to be getting better, Practice has really paid off!
I'm not perfect yet, but I strive to be. :-)

I seriously LOVE my nails at this length!
Please tell me, what do you think of Androgynie? And Yes, What do you think of my nails at this length?
I want to use this moment to say THANK YOU to everyone that leaves a comment on my posts. It's one of the things that motivates me go on your blogs to comment! Chances of me commenting on your blog if you leave a comment on mine are seriously high, because I love to give back!

HAPPY NEW MONTH ONCE AGAIN. I pray this month brings you Joy, Peace, Wealth, Laughter, Blessings, and Yes... More Polishes, Freebies, Deals, and All things Fabulous!
Till later my loves, God Bless.


  1. LOVE the bottle, don't really love how few glitters actually show :(

  2. I just got this polish this weekend at Sally's too! One of my biggest "wants" crossed off my list! Thanks for the swatches, not sure when I'll get around to actually wearing it.

  3. The glitter in the bottle looks like a party going on!

  4. Your nails look great! One thing I learned about Androgynie is that it helps to invert the bottle for atleast 30 minutes before using. It gets the glitter closer to the top for application.

  5. Love it! Will have to check my Sally's and see if they've got it.

  6. very pretty - i just picked this up yesterday after seeing it had made it to the perm display at sallys. it is awesome, cant wait to wear mine too!

  7. This is one of the many polishes I had purchased but have yet to use. Very pretty, thanks for reminding me to use it lol!

  8. I wonder what it looks like with a matte topcoat. It's lovely nonetheless! I almost bought it at Ulta last weekend. Your nails look great at that length!

  9. Happy New Month!! :D Your nails look FANTASTIC!! :D Wonderful length, and you did an amazing painting job!! I suck at painting my right hand, lol!!

    Oh, I just love Androgynie!!! That is one of my favourite Orly polishes, and it looks brilliant on you! ^-^

  10. Great nail length! I have Androgynie and I didn't like it. It was so hard for me to get the glitter out of the bottle :(


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