Swatches and Review: Sinful Colors - Neptune & Bare

By Lizzy O. - 1:02 PM

Hello Beautiful Peoples!!

The swatches I have for you today are from a while back. I'm still rocking my franken - A Cupcake Yule love, and I don't want to take it off yet. Lol.. So, I went through my folder and found a bunch of swatches I hadn't posted yet on the blog.

Today, I'll be showing you two of the polishes I got from Walgreens a while back.
First up is Sinful Color - Neptune.
It's no secret I'm a sucker for pretty and bright colors. Neptune is a gorgeous color that is promising for summer. With an easy two coater formula, I couldn't be happier with this polish.

 The shimmer in neptune makes it even much more pretty. Look at those silver shinnies on the top.

Secondly, We have Bare also by Sinful Colors.

Bare is like a baby pink that almost could pass for a nude polish. It is definitely one of those "work appropriate" polishes, and it looks good  against my skin tone. The formula on this was really easy to work with, and it got opaque in 2 coats.

I stated at the beginning of the post that I got a few Polishes from Walgreens. Well, here's what I meant by a few. Lol..
I Got these last month (before the nail Polish buying challenge).

I will most likely swatch them in twos like I did today. But Anyhoo.... I am so happy with the colors that Sinful Colors have lately. They have really stepped up their game! They have a variety of colors. Great formula, and a Price you can't beat (Less than $2 each)!

Have you picked up some of the new Sinful Colors at walgreens? Which ones did you get? 
What do you think about Neptune and Bare?
Tell me Tell me! Lol..
Till Later Y'all. God Bless. 

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  1. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS polishes!! :D What a wonderful haul!!! :D

  2. I beleive I picked up Neptune .. I cant keep track ahhahaha .. soo pretty though

    1. Lol... I'm trying to keep track of my purchases now. Slowing down on the random buying.
      I hope you have Neptune. She's pretty. :-D

  3. I picked up Zeus, Be Happy, Athens, and Cinderella on my last Walgreens trip! LOVE them!!!

    1. Sah-Weeet!!! :-D

      Gorgeous colors you got there!

  4. Replies
    1. I just realized no one is showing "Bare" some love. Lol... Awwww!!!!

      Neptune is a pretty color indeed.

  5. Gorgeous shade hun!! And yeah your right but I realised I dont have a baby blue shade!! Lol deffo need to get that.. xx

  6. Oh my I am loving Neptune for sure! I own a lot of Sinful Colors and my favorite color is blue so I am thinking I need to buy this one soon---next month of course ;)


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