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Freebie Alert: Zoya Nail Polish

Hello Darlings!!
Two posts in a day? Trust me, it's worth it.. so keep reading. :-)

If you're on TDIYL's Facebook page, You might have seen This Post where I teased you with bottle pictures of the new Zoya Surf and Beach Collection. I'll be reviewing them on the blog soon.
Under that picture, I stated how you can get a free Zoya Polish. Well keep reading if you're interested. ;-)

Today's post is a simple one. The Zoya Fairies (as we call the amazing people at Zoya) have been kind enough to change the reward on the share the love program. Remember I shared the information on that in This Post.

Good news time y'all, If you don't already have a Zoya.com account, you will want to create one now. Especially with the new beach and Surf Summer 2012 collection out!!!!

New accounts: Register with THIS LINK and you'll automatically get a coupon credited to your Zoya account to use towards any Zoya polish of your choice.

If you add two more nail polishes to your cart, You'll get free shipping on all three polishes!
To see your coupon code, Click "My Account" at the top of the page, then click "My Coupons and promotions" on the left hand side of the screen.
If you don't want the two additional polishes, Check out your free polish, and just pay for shipping.

To *possibly* get one bottle of polish completely free without paying for shipping, keep reading. :-)

This will also benefit you people with old accounts, So I hope You're still reading. 
With the new Zoya Share the Love program, people with Zoya.com accounts can get points in their account that can be used towards shipping, free polishes, or certain coupons.

Good news is, Zoya currently has THIS status on their facebook page, and if they get 5000 shares on the status, they will give everyone with a Zoya account 200 points.  If you get those 200 points, you can use 75 points to redeem a free shipping coupon!!! This is why I said you could *Possibly* get the free polish, and get free shipping as well. I believe you should be able to use your 200 free shipping coupon with your *free polish* coupon because no where on the Zoya website does it say you can't do that. :-D

For Old account holders: 200 Points = 1 free nail polish, so you too should share this Zoya status, so they can get to 5000 shares on the status, and you'll get the 200 points in your account for a free nail polish.

It's a win win for everyone, so get to registering, sharing the status, invite family members to register on Zoya with your share the love links, and start racking up those points my loves.

I hope I explained this well. Lol...
Long Story short: If you don't have a Zoya account, Go Now and Register. You are guaranteed a free polish when you do. It's always good to have the free polish coupon even if you can't afford shipping right now. When you register now as a new account holder, your free polish coupon doesn't expire immediately, it stays in your account for some months, so you should still be able to use it at a later date and possibly in a totally free manner. :-)
If you can afford shipping, pay and enjoy your polish. Or add two more, and get 3 polishes at a get price. 
If you have a Zoya account, Share their status to get them to 5000 shares. When they do this, You get 200 points in your account, and use it to redeem a Free Polish. 

Got it? Good! Lol... 
I had to share this with y'all... 
Please ask questions if you have any, and I'll do my best to answer. Any question I can't answer, I'll ask the Zoya Fairies and get an answer for you. 

That's it for now dearies. Till Later. :-)

P.S: For complete disclosure, I chose to share this on my own. I'm not compensated to do it. The registration link in this post is my share the love link. Surely you don't mind helping me rack some point since I'm the one who shared this amazing deal with you, right? *Grins*
Read the Zoya Share The Love Page to understand more about it. 


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