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Swatches and Review: Cult Nails - Manipulative and Captivated

Hello Love muffins...

*using Wendy's voice* How you doing?!!!!

A while back, I announced on here that Cult Nails will be having a 50% off sale in celebration of their facebook page getting to 5000 "Likes".

During the sale, I picked up three polishes. :-)
Pictured below from left to right, are Cult nails - Wicked fast topcoat, Captivated and Manipulative.
I also included a picture of the famous Cult Nails "Polish burittos". Each Nail Polish comes wrapped up in pretty eco-friendly wrappers. Some Cotton balls were also a part of the packaging.
I give Cult Nail an A+ for presentation!


Anyhoo.. Let's get to the swatches darlings. First up is Manipulative
This is a baby blue polish that has silver shimmers in it. The shimmer was hard to capture on camera, but it's there in real life. 
 Colors like this are suddenly striking my fancy. Blues were minimal in my collection before the past 2 months. But now, I see a blue polish, and I'm drawn to it. Manipulative drew me to it, and I'm glad I responded the call. lol..
Application was alright, But I had to use three coats to get a desired look. I completed the look with Wicked Fast Top Coat.

Next up, we have Captivated.  This one is like a glitter, shimmer, almost flakie bomb. I didn't know whether to use it as a topcoat, or swatch on its own. After much deliberation, I decided to wear it on its own. What you see here is three coats, no top coat.
I was not too crazy about this polish, even though I KNEW it looked good on me. Weird eh?

I like that it got opaque after 3 coats.

But something still wasn't "right" with it. I just wasn't feeling it as much as I thought I would...

So I whipped out my Essie - Matte About You Topcoat... used it, and I was like... "Ohhhh weee baby!!! NOW you've Captivated me!!"
Cult nails - Captivated (Matte)

I loved wearing this polish Matte so very much!!!

I messed with the setting on my camera to get this picture that shows you the awesome goodness Captivated looks like when Matte-fied!

Surely, you also think this is better matte.... right??? Right???
I'm happy with these two polishes on a general bases. :-) At the great discount, I have no complains. 

The third Polish I got is Wicked Fast Topcoat. I don't have swatches  because it's clear.  But my review on it is that, It's aightt.. lol.. 
Ok, maybe not Just "aightt".. It's good. Decent. I would be happy with it had I not tried Color Club Topcoat or Seche Vite. I have seriously been spoiled by my Color Club topcoat and Seche Vite. Those dry my manis in about one minute. I can take off my pants in about 3-5 minutes with those topcoats. 

But Wicked Fast... Wicked Fast Smudged my Mani after 10 minutes. I was like... Come on Son!!! Sure it was dry to touch in like 4-5 minutes... But it obviously wasn't completely dry because it still smudged while I tried to do something with my hands. 
I will still use it  A LOT because I love how it covers and smooths my polishes. 

That's it for today darlings!
Did you get any polishes during the Cult nails 50% off Sale? Share with me. 

You can get Cult Nails Polishes Here. Regular Sale Price is $10 each. 
"Like" their Facebook page Here

 Till Later, God Bless.


  1. Love these, I grabbed Captivated, Time Traveller and Mind Control with the $5 sale.
    Captivated looks amazing mattified! I will be trying that for sure!

  2. Nice ............Lovin the blue....<3

  3. These are really pretty (especially that blue!! Wooo!!). :D

  4. Ohhh i'm so loving captivated! :)**

  5. I've been really happy with Wicked Fast. I let my nails dry for a few minutes before I use it but I haven't had it smudge any nails. I have found that it is best to use a lot (ie a visible bead of it on the end of the brush for each nail).

  6. I got Manipulative and the Wicked Fast top coat too. I like Manipulative. I wore it as a base for a really pretty sparkly topper I got from Windestine (Etsy) called Jeweled Sand. Jeweled Sand looks like its name: sand with beautiful sparkly bits of color, lots of bright blue pieces as if little shards of glass or stones were broken up in it. Manipulative showed it off nicely. I also got Scandalous during the sale. Haven't tried it yet. But it's a bright coral/pinky color. I don't know that I *needed* any Cult Nails, especially another top coat, but I figured for half price I should jump in now or never. But I wish some of the more "jazzy" colors weren't sold out or unavailable during the sale. Maybe I need to hit the next sale Maria was talking about that will offer anything that was backordered? Eh, maybe, maybe not.

    I was cracking up at you saying you could take off your pants in 3-5 mins with your other top coats. That's my test, too. If I can pull up jeans or hit the ladies room in 5 minutes without screwing up the nails, we have a winner. So far, I don't know if I've put Wicked Fast to the test, but now you have me interested in Color Club's topcoat. I'm interested in Color Club period, actually, but I've never seen it anywhere I've shopped. Maybe I need to hit TJ Maxx or something. But some of their colors are just so pretty.

  7. I LOVE captivated! It's gorgeous with the matte coat!


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