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My First Frankens!!!

Hello Darlings! How are y'all doing on this fine day?!

Today, I've got something exciting to share with you all.
The Do It Yourself Lady in me got the best of me, and I jumped on the Franken bandwagon!!!

I love experimenting and trying out different things, hence the title of my blog, and why I self proclaimed myself The Do It Yourself Lady. I knew it was only a matter of time before I started frankening, and the appointed hour has come.

For those of you who don't know what Frankening is, it's when a person mixes different polishes/glitters/finishes to get a unique polish of their own.

Here are my first frankens!!! 

To read more about how I made these and see a truckload more pictures that are sure to make you drool, please click Read More below. I didn't want to make my homepage load slowly with all the pictures, so I had to create a Read more thingy.

Well, how did this frankening begin you ask?

I was cleaning my polish drawers and rearranging my polishes when I found out that my OPI - A sparkle yule love had dried up. The polish didn't spill, and it didn't separate. This was weird to me, and look at what it looked like.

I really loved this polish, so I tried everything I possibly could to get the polish to revive itself, but all to no avail. I just about finished my bottle of Seche Restore trying to revive it. I didn't want to throw it away so I concluded to dumping the whole bottle in a flat container and my frankening began. Lol..
I had to use polish remover to get the dried polish out of its bottle. I really don't like mixing removers with polishes, but My Seche Restore was almost finished, and I had no other polish thinner. So I went old school on it, and resorted to using polish remover.

I brought out some of my Polishes that I haven't used in a long time, and started mixing them in random orders.

Here's the first bottle I made. 
What I mixed together: OPI: A Sparkle Yule Love + Wet n Wild: Grey's anatomy + Sally hensen: Sheer french color.
I didn't measure anything, I was just dumping, and swatching to see how it looked. When I got a look I liked, I stopped.

Second Franken is this one. 
What I mixed together: A little bit of OPI - A Sparkle Yule Love + Wet n Wild Grey's anatomy + a little bit of Color Club New Bohemian + OPI: Light My saphhire + L.A Color topcoat + Sally hensen - ice queen + A silver Glitter that my friend Ida sent me.
I wanted something a bit lighter at first, but New bohemian just didn't do it. So I went with Light my sapphire. and made a dark one.


Third Franken is this one. 
I made this one because I had left overs of ASYL. For this one, I dumped the remaining of ASYL into my L.A Colors Topcoat, and I added some of my Sally Hensen - Ice Queen to it.
This one is more of a top coat, so I'll have to experiment layering it over some polishes soon.
It would probably be opaque in 5 thick coats though.. LOL... Nahh, I won't try that. Lol..

And Here are more pictures for your drooling pleasures.. lol.. I mean, viewing pleasures. Lol..
You will want to click on these to enlarge them.. Shows you all the goodness in each swatch. The Back button will bring you back to where you stopped in the post.

Here are all three together. No top coat. (Sorry the one of the left looks blurry). Swatchs are two Coats each.

Then, a light bulb sparked in my head (probably from all the polish fumes I inhaled), and I decided to matte-fy the swatches. I used Essie - matte about you. Look at the result!!! Ohhh Miiiiiiii Gooooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!! I Love this Matte-fied Y'all!!
#1, #2, #3

I used Color Club Topcoat to make it glossy again after matte-fying it.

Which one is my favorite? The middle one! But I love the Left one more when matte-fied. 
I need to layer the right one on different colors. Truly though, I Love them all! lol...

Here are some of the products I used for my frankening. I Forgot to take a picture of grey's anatomy before I started mixing. 
I hope everything explains itself. 

So, my dear, that's it for pictures of my first frankens. I am sooo happy with these, and I can't wait to do full manis with them! 
Lookie again!! Lol... 

What I learned during this frankening process: 
- Keep mixing till you get a desired look. It's not rocket science. just keep mixing. The good thing about frankening your own polish is that, there's a great chance it'll be one of a kind. I doubt if I can recreate these polishes. Lol.. because I didn't measure. I just kept pouring. 

- OPEN YOUR WINDOWS and DOORS. You don't want to inhale too many polish fumes. use a face mask if possible. 

- Have fun mixing! I sure did have fun creating these polishes. I felt like some kind of genius. lol...

I need to find a name for each one of these, so your suggestions are welcomed. Use #1 for the dark one, #2 for the Light one, and #3 for the sheer topcoat one, when suggesting names. :-)

What do you all think about these? I know I'm excited, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Have you ever frankened? Do you like frankening? 
Share with me. 

Till later Y'all. God bless!


  1. I think all 3 are fab but the one in the middle is my fav! I really enjoyed this post; I want to try some myself!

  2. The matte versions are cooler... :)

  3. I love the purple on matted (I don't usually like matte.) I think they are all gorgeous and you did a great job! I am thinking of trying it soon myself :)

  4. Wow! They turned out pretty freaking nice! I love them matte :]

  5. These are pretty! Nice frankens! I like the purple one. That's crazy how your OPI just evaporated. I've had that happen to a couple polishes. Sally's has really inexpensive nail polish thinner- I think the brand is Beauty Secrets, and you get a large bottle of it (much more than Seche Restore). I use Seche Restore just when my Seche Vite gets thick, but the Sally's thinner for everything else. Nail polish remover isn't really good for frankening, because the colors will fade over time, but it sounds like you'll be okay since you used a lot of thinner first.

  6. These are fantatic!! :D The moment I saw the title of this post in my reader, I zoomed over here. XD I LOOOOVE frankening, and seeing other frankens that people make. So much fun!! :D

  7. I've never tried but yours look great.
    #1 dark night
    #2 mauv-elous
    #3 candy shop

  8. Omg! Congratulations, so beautiful! I like #2 the most! Hummm Lilac-Blossoming? :)

  9. These are great! I'm on a semi-NO-Buy and this last week I made my first frankens. It was fun, and you're right there is a lot of satisfaction in it (and a lot of shaking). I created a dark green jelly (Dark Forest), a light turquoise creme (Faux Audrey) and a semi-dupe of Cult Nail's Seduction (Deduction). Happy frankening!

  10. Wow! These are all very pretty. I love the way they look mattified.
    #1 Midnight Galaxy
    #2 I'm So Pretty
    #3 I Dream of Cupcakes
    Can't wait to see more of your frankens! xo

  11. Wow,They turned out really good! My favorite is the 2 one.

  12. The dark purple one is my favourite of the three, but they're all great frankens. I suggest "Purple's the limit" for #1. :)

  13. Niiiice! I'm glad you could use the large hex I sent you in your frankens. They look fab. I really like them Matte!

  14. I love these! My favorite is #2 matteified. I have not frankened yet, but I do plan on doing so.
    #1 Diva-licous
    #2 How do I Do it?
    #3 Frosting Anyone?

  15. Love how the colour turns out <3 I don't and haven't tried frankening but I guess I won't since I am new to the nail polish craze and I make sure I take out my polishes and give them a good rub like Aladdin's magic lamp haha since I have 2 boys and make sure they help me out doing something around the house haha :D

  16. WOWZERS!!!! THANKS A LOT Everyone!!!!

    You guys really know how to make a Lady feel good! Thanks for your lovely compliments and I'm glad you all love these as much as I do. God bless you guys so much!

  17. These are all gorgeous! I am definitely going to try frankening one of these days; hopefully my first try will be as successful as yours. :)

  18. i love all three!! i frankened some glitter natural nails because i felt the pale color alone was boring and i wanted some "shine shine" lol

  19. These are lovely! I like #3 the best! I love to franken, because it makes me feel so creative!

  20. When you make your frankens, do you pour everything into a new empty bottle - or do you just combine them into a pre-existing polish?

    and does using the little metal balls (BBs) keep the glitter from sinking to the bottom of the polish?


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