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Swatches and Review: BPS Crystal Purple Pink Polish

Hello dearies...

This post is coming late because it was originally meant for tomorrow (saturday). After teasing you all on facebook with the bottle shot of this nail polish, A LOT of you were curious to see swatches, so I decided to post it now.
See, I Listen to y'all! :-D

The Polish I'm reviewing today is honestly one of the prettiest polishes I've seen! When Born Pretty Store - the nail art store, asked me to pick an item I would like to review, I was so tempted to pick so many other things, but I knew I just had to try this polish for myself, and see how well it looks in person/swatched.

As You all must know by now, a LOT of Indie Polishes are storming the nail polish community lately, and most of those Indie Polishes are gorgeous glitters that are almost always never in stock. Lol... To quench my thirst for polishes I probably wouldn't get a hold of soon, I decided to choose this polish from BPS for my review. A Purple/Pink Glitter bomb?! How could I not want it!

Alright, this post will be picture Jammed, so I urge you to buckle up, and grab a tissue while you're at it... because you are about to begin... drooling... :-D

I don't really know the name to call this polish, but on the BPS website, it's called Crystal Purple Pink Nail Art Polish Enamel Gel Cool #63. Yes, I know, Long name right? The name on the bottle say B.O #63, So I'll just go with that for the purpose of this review.

B.O #63 is is purple pink polish packed with different sizes of hexagonal glitters and little shimmery glitters. Definitely intended as a topcoat, because trying to build opacity with this one might give you a headache.

For my main Swatch today, I chose to layer it over Kleancolor - Pastel Blue. The right hand is making an appearance today because I wanted to showcase this polish with my longer nails. (Read about my right hand here).

Here are my final results. 2 coats of B.O #63 over 2 coats of Pastel Blue. 

Looks Good eh?

I even got funky with my hand positioning.. Lol... Gorgeous polishes make people adventurous.

 What do you think so far?
Well, I hope you know that as a Do It Yourself Lady, I *had* to experiment over different colors, just to tame my curiosity and also to actually give you an extensive review!! It ain't just about the swatches darlings... So it's REVIEW TIME!!!

First Up!! Swatches on bare Nails!!!  Left to Right, Top to Bottom. Bottle Shot, B.O #63 1 coat, 2 coats, and 3 Coats.

Then, swatches over different base colors. Here's my left hand.
Left is One coat of B.O #63, right is 2 coats.  I love it over every base color, but I hope you agree it looks divine on blue!
Colors used are all Kleancolor Polishes: Index - Neon Pink, Middle - Neon Purple, Ring - Pastel blue, Pinky - Black

Then of course, I have to show you what 1 coat and two coats look like on the Blue... Left is 1 Coat, Right is 2 coats.

Since the black on my pinky didn't really show what it looks like over black well enough.. Here's a swatch of what it really looks like over black.

Oh, and Lastly, Here are some bottle shots with my nails!!!

How about THAT for an extensive review!!!
Are you still with me so far? Did you quickly scroll down after the first picture to get the details on how, and where to buy this? Lol

Well, Hold on a bit let me give you my final verdict on the polish.

Application was lovely on this! I didn't have to "fish for" the larger glitters. They came out to play on their own. I wouldn't advice anything more than 2 coats except you want to wait an eternity for it to dry on your nails. No Topcoat is necessary because the base in the polish really blends down the glitters. So you don't have to worry about gritty glitters. I eventually used my Wicked Fast topcoat (after taking pictures), because I wanted to cut down on dry time.

The price that the polish goes for is just typical of almost all things at the BornPrettyStore. Affordable!
B.O #63 is from a collection of 6 glitter polishes that can be found here. All of the 6 polishes are sold for $17.81. 
Can't afford all 6? You can buy each one for $3.89 here, here, here, here, and here
For the direct link to this purple one, click Here.

Remember, BPS offers free worldwide shipping to everyone. And they have also been kind enough to offer my readers a 5% off discount code.

Alright Darlings.. I thought I would have all night to compose this, but due to popular demand, I had to do it now.. So therefore, I am Exhausted!! Lol... 

Comment below, tell me what you think...
Till Later, God Bless. 

**B.O #63 was sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**


  1. This is so pretty!!!! :D

  2. Worth the wait! I LOVE it! Great review! My fav is the baby blue base! I have ordered from Born Pretty and know that they are great, heap and FAST! I MUST have this! Thank you!

  3. I love love love it on the black. It looks fabulous!

  4. This is so pretty! Love it with the blue :)

  5. oh my god it's so pretty!

    I would wear this to compliment a very badass/rebel girl mood that sometimes happens to me.

  6. I love this over black! Gorgeous!

  7. I think it's VERY VERY pretty! It reminds me of an old discontinued essence Twins!
    I've gotta see their other polishes!

    1. Oh Yes It does remind me of some of the twins polishes.
      You should absolutely check them out.. :-)

  8. I like how it looks over the white and black. Very pretty!

  9. I love how it looks over the black and light blue. TY for the link to it since after all that drooling I will have to purchase it. Just hope that after all of your wonderful readers they have it in stock. :D

  10. I love your blog makes me smile everytime I read you posts, :)

    1. You're so kind. Thanks Cari. :-)
      Just started following your blog now and I love everything I see so far.

  11. your nail is so cute, love the sparkles :=)

  12. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin, follow me back? xx

  13. I just found your blog & love it! I'm a fellow nail polish junkie blogger, but with school, I'm on a permanent no-buy so your blog is helping to ease the pain! xoxo

    1. Aww No buys just suck don't they? But stay strong dear.. :-)

      Glad You can feed your addiction through me. :-D

  14. i really like it on the white!! its so girly and pretty!!

  15. Very nice! I love how big the hex glitter is. It seems like a lot of companies are afraid to use pieces too chunky, but if you ask me it's what a lot of people want to see. Never heard of this brand before, thanks for the links.

  16. I want to reply everyone individually, but I doubt y'all will be back to see it, so I'll just say, THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS ladies!

    This really is a pretty polish, and I'm glad you all love it. :-)

  17. that's such a pretty glitter! i totally need this in my life cause i LOVE glitters (: it's such a pretty combo with the blue too, blue and pink is like my absolute fave combo of all time cause those are both my favorite colors :D

  18. This would be such a fun colour for weekends!

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