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I've Got Mail... (Picture SPAM)

Sheeeezeee Y'all!!! I've  GOT MAIL!!!

The post man must really be wondering what the heck is going on.. lol...
I was away from home for a bit, and when I got back, I opened the door to my room, and what do I see on my bed?!?! A Bunch Of Mails, boxes!!!! My Little brothers of course figured they were nail polishes, and my parent's were like.. Yep, "We just kept dumping them on your bed"!!!
Here are the Boxes/Packages.

To view what's in these boxes, click Read more below.

I shared the above picture on facebook, and those of you who saw it immediately requested to see what was in the packages. Lol...
Well, here they are!!!

Up first:
Y'all remember I declared the month of MAY as my "Indie Polish Buying" Month.. Lol... well, when the awesome Nat on facebook found out that I only had two Indies, she was so awesome that she sent me mini's of some of her Indies. Here's the Lovely packaging!!! So Cute!!

She had hints of cat stickers on each wrap. :-D And she wrote me a Cute Note! I Love them all!!

I still can't express how HAPPY and GRATEFUL I am for these polishes. Such kindness by a Lady I met because of our love for polishes is beyond my thinking. Thank You again Nat! I'm in LOVE with all these goodies you sent me.

Left to right: Lizzy Fizzy Pink,  Floam, The Jean Genie, 20% Cooler, Cassandra's Peacock, Puttin on the Ritzzz, Jawbreaker and Color Club - Take me to your chateau!

Creators: Left to right, Nat Matthews Franken, I'm Feeling Nail-venturous, All That Glitters, Rainbow Honey,Lacquistry Nail Polish, Dollish Polish, And Pretty & Polished

Up Close Pictures for your En-Drool-Ment.
This First Polish is A FRANKEN Nat Personally MADE for me! It has my name too!!! It's called Lizzy Fizzy Pink! I love it so much!!!

I'm really in Love With these!!!

Next Up, Speaking of Indie Polish Buying month, On my facebook page, I expressed my sadness about not being able to snag the "high ranking" Indie Polishes that I was lemming because they always go "out of stock" too soon!
So, A lovely Lady called Sara on facebook told me that she's an Indie Polish maker, and when I saw pictures of the Indies she had, I just about Bought them all! Lol... They were in Stock and they were BEAUTIFUL!!! I picked 7 of her polishes because I was really In need of some Indies in my life. Lol... Here they are.
Paint the Roses Red, Cupcake Stand, Haven't the Foggiest, Sand and magaritas, Fit for a prince, Princess tears, Denim Starfish

Up close pictures...
Paint the roses red is too gorgeous!!! Gaahhh they are all so pretty!!!

Look at the glitters in these babies!!!

If you would like to buy some of her polishes, she will be putting them in stock within the next two weeks, and they'll be for sale at $8 each on her Etsy Shop Here. Sara doesn't have a facebook page yet, but be rest assured that Once she restocks, I WILL BE UPDATING you all!!! She also has some new polishes coming out soon. I can't WAIT!!!! For now though, you can check out the store and see if any of the "in stock" things strikes your fancy. :-)

Oh and look at this last bottle!! SQUARE glitters!!!! Mama Mia!

Next up is a lovely polish I reviewed earlier today. Yes, this is also an Indie Polish!!! hehehe... The Indies are taking over y'all!!!
This is Called Make me Laugh-y Taffy - by 365 days of Color.
For review and swatches click here.

Next, My Bloom.com order with the Free $20 Voucher I posted on my facebook page a while back. This one was a hot voucher, and there wasn't enough time to post it on the blog. FYI, if you're not already on there, You want to be on my facebook page to get updates on freebies that don't last for long.
I picked up OPI - Just Spotted The Lizard and Eop Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet (I like it!)

Then, I had one $40 bloom.com voucher I got a while back! So I decided to use it. Do you remember when I posted this deal? The $5 for $40 voucher? Hehehe... yep.. !
Here are the things I got all for $5.
OPI: Pirouette my whistle, Barre My soul, Care to Danse. Zoya - Charisma, and Sally Hensen HD - Byte. With 2 facial cleansing clothes and hand cream

Then the Julep box I didn't intentionally order came in! Julep sent me an email saying I had one free month because people registered with my link, so I didn't bother cancelling the month. Only to check my account and see that I was charged for the box. I called their office and Julep told me that the person who registered cancelled her account before 30 days, so they had to withdraw my "free box" and charge for it.
I was Pissed and told them I'd be sending back their box for a refund, but of course, I made the mistake of opening the box, and I saw how nicely they wrapped it, and I couldn't package it to be sent back. SMH!! lol... Anyhoo, I do like the best pedi prep, so all is not lost. :-P
Julep: Kylie (magnetic Polish), Eliie, The best Pedi Prep Ever, and Magnet for  Kylie

Then, My Striping Tapes that I bought on ebay for .32 cents also arrived... they are originally $1.50 but I had ebay bucks to use, so that knocked down the price. :-D 12 tapes in different colors for $1.50? Yeah.. that's awesome. Click Here to buy if Interested.

Then here's my Essie Freebie from Cosmo (shared this on facebook too).
Essie - Cosmo PSS Shimmer

Then, I also got some things for review.
First up is one that I already reviewed also earlier today.
It's the Tweezerman kit! The Tweezer in this kit is AMAZING. Click here to read review

I also have these nail appliques to review.

And a buncha these goodies to review.

This Also came as a freebie... I can't remember when I signed up to get this, But IT IS SOOO GOOOD!!! Lol... I ate it all up!!! 

Alright darlings... You asked for it, so I hope you're still with me!
Nail Mail posts are so fun to view, but composing sure can be tasking! Lol..

I Hope you enjoyed this Picture spam!!!
Now can somebody provide me additional fingers and TIME to wear, review, and enjoy all of these goodies?? Lol...
I'm definitely not complaining though. :-D

Till Later, God bless.


  1. OMG!!!! That's a lot! It all looks fun! Can't wait to see the stamping plates!

  2. I want all of that stuff! omg.

    especially the indies, right now I just don't have the budget for buying but I def wanna get some indies soon! you got some pretty awesome ones =]

  3. WAY TO GO!!!!! Can't wait to see your reviews...especially with the strips :)

  4. i'm so jelous! looks like so much fun :)

  5. I'm so glad you showed us your goodies!! I was curious after seeing the photo on FB. Awesome!!

  6. LOVE!!! Thank you for breaking it all down for us. I love seeing nail mail :-)

    1. Took a while.. but it's my pleasure. I too love seeing nail mail posts. :-D

  7. I was curious about this humungo nail mail, so thanks for sharing. Those indies look amazing! And then stripping, appliques, and plates oh my! So much fun. Glad you got such a great load of toys to play with. Enjoy, and please share. ;)

  8. wow! So many packages and so many pretty polishes :D

  9. It must have been really exciting coming home to them and opening them all! The nail polishes are fab,lovely shades :)


  10. Wow! I would be excited coming home and seeing all these beautiful goodies! lol

  11. whoaa what an awesome surprise to be found on your bed :D


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