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Swatches: Catherine Arley - 805 and 800

Hello Dearies!
Today I've swatches of two Catherine Arley Polishes to show you. 
A while back, I picked up some Catherine Arley Polishes on ebay because they were cheap and appeared holographic! 

Anyhoo, First up is #805. 
Yeah, the Polishes don't have fancy names... they are named in numbers... Booo! 

The good thing about these polishes is that they apply like a dream, and are opaque in two regular coats. They just glide on your nails like butter, and not much clean up is necessary if you apply them carefully.

They aren't as holographic as I thought the would be, but they are still pretty in their own way.

 I know somebody is looking at this swatches and going "what is she talking about? This is holo enough"! Lol.... But trust me when I say, the camera flash helps the polish out... in real life, it's not this fancy. Still gorgeous and at a good price though.

Secondly, I swatched #800. 
I learned that a couple of people have been looking for this one. 
Lucky me to have it right? 
Well, I want more HOLO! Lol... Gorgeous Red, Beautiful sparkle, but let's face it, it's nothing compared to some of the red holos we've seen out there. 

Once again, this applied smoothly.

Overall thought on the Catherine Arley Polishes?

When I got them, I was excited... but upon swatching them, I was a bit disappointed by the intensity of the Holo in the polishes. I expected them to be a bit more... "WOWZER, I'M HOLO!!!" 
In the right light and in flashes, you can see the Holo... but ya know.. they aren't like the China Glaze OMG collection, or the Layla Holo Polishes. Lol... 
(I don't own those, but you must agree, these pictures below look nothing like the pictures we've seen of those ones). 

They are beautiful but if you're buying them because you think they'll rival some of strong holos out there, you'll be disappointed. They don't rival the China Glaze OMG, or the Layla Holographics.
They are just beautiful on their own, and at a cheap price.

Here are the Ones I got.

Click Here to go to the Seller I got Mine from.
If you see what you would like to buy, contact him and tell him. Negotiate shipping, and he might even end items quickly for you if you express that you'd like to go ahead and buy now.

I don't know if he will do that for people, but He ended the items for me once I bid on all the ones I want. He sent a new invoice, and shipping for all was only $4.
Don't pay shipping for each single item darlings. Contact the seller and NEGOTIATE. :-)

That's it for now my loves.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. I bought one for the exact same reason .. on ebay they looked amazing but when mine arrived (666 - what a number lol) I was majorly dissapointed :( yours look fab compared to how mine came out xx

    1. Oh My! That's a scary number. Hahaha..

      Sorry these disappointed you. I really thought they'd be more holo too, but it's ok. I'll just enjoy them as they are.

  2. They're still pretty nice even the same :)

  3. They look pretty even though they don´t have this crazy holo effect :)

  4. They look very pretty but don't look holo to me.

  5. Sorry these don't have enough holo for you :(

    1. Oh don't be sorry dear. They're still pretty even without the holo. :-)

  6. I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing.


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