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Review and Nail Art: Cheeky Single Stamping Plates (Set B)

These will SOON be Available for purchase!! Stay updated by "Liking" Cheeky on Facebook

Hello Beautiful Peoples!!!!

As the title states, I'm glad to be able to review the New Cheeky Stamping Plates!!! These are the second sets of Round Single Plates Cheeky has released and I know a lot of people are looking forward to them.

 This review will be a detailed one, so If you're interested, Please click Read More Below.

As I do with all reviews, I'll compare the sizes of each image, do some paper stamping, and state my opinion. So let's get to it!

Each Plate comes with the blue cover that most stamping plates come with. Remember to remove this before using the plate. Removal was easy. I actually used my nails.. lol..

The new plates also have Cheeky-beauty.com on the back. Here's a picture of the back of the new set beside that of the old set.

The number One concern when a new plate hits market is the issue of "size".
I'm SOOO Glad to announce that the image sizes on these small plates, are exactly like the sizes of the images on the Cheeky XL plates. So many people complain that images on other plates don't "fit their whole nail", but that not a problem with these plates.
I reviewed the XL Plates Here, so You can view image size comparison with other plates on that post.

Here is a size comparison with Images on XL Plate A.

As you can see, The sizes are exactly the same. SO If you love your XL plates, prepare to love these new single plates.

I took pictures comparing the new plates with Cheeky's Old single plates.  The Images on the new plates are bigger than those on the old plates.
The Image plate in the middle is CH6 (Old Plate).

Now would be a good time to mention another "Obvious" thing about the new plates. Each full sized image can also be used for a French tip mani! I think this idea is genius!!! Ch6 (Old Plate), Beside CH34 (New Plate).

Then, Just because I can, I still compared The Cheeky Plates with my RA plate, and Second set of BM Plate.  As I stated earlier, You can Click Here to View detailed comparison of Images on the XL Plate with other plates. The XL Plate Images are exactly the same sizes as the images on these new cheeky plates.

Now that we've cleared the Issue of "Size". The next question is, Do the Images stamp well?
My Answer is, Yes. I had some minor user-induced errors, but those were my fault, so I can't blame the plates. Lol...

Here are some images stamped on paper.

This Image below impressed me because it's complicated looking. I was like "Hmm I wonder if everything will show up". And Everything showed up. The dots, the stars, the wheels, they all showed up!

Surely, I couldn't "test" all of the images on every plate, But with the images I tested, I'm satisfied with the etching of the plates. I had no problem picking them up with my stamper.

Are you still with me? Y'all Know I get really detailed with my reviews.. :-D

For Nail Art...

I LOVE The Nail Polish bottle Images!!! I Think This Plate is my favorite! Every Polishaholic will love it!
Images on all fingers except Ring Finger are from CH40. My Ring Finger Image is from CH36.

And Then, This Image Just Called out to me for some weird reason. Lol.. This is CH48. As you can see, I used the "French tip" Part for my accent nail. :-)

**Note, you can view this in a larger format by clicking on each picture***
Since these are sent for review and not all the images have been "previewed" on the Cheeky Facebook Page yet, I can only show you the plates that have been shown.
Here are the plates that have been previewed on Cheeky's Facebook page.
As more plates are previewed, I'll add them to this post to compile them all under one post. (So You might want to bookmark this page to view my Images of other plates if you're interested in seeing them as they are in real life).

First up!!! .


Vegas!!! Casino!!! *Not that I support Gambling*.. :-D

And Below is my favorite!!! Haaaa Polishaholics UNITE!!!!! hahahaa

OHhh Miii Gaaahh.. The Image on the left makes me want Cheesecake soo bad!

I LOVE this next plate. Foodies UNITE!! Lol

Cheeky Just posted this on their blog today. :-) Cuteness. Is that that rabbit guy on disney in the middle? I can't remember his name... uhmmm Stuart Little??

I did a mani with this next plate HERE

The Boyfriend would love it if I did a Mani with this one below. He's an aerospace engineer... :-)

Movie Night anyone? 

Hows about a plate that declares LOVE for our boyfriend? lol...

Please Note that these were sent for review, and although the IMAGES will remain the same, there might be some slight changes in the plates that'll be available for purchase. I don't know what those changes might be yet, but if they're significant, I'll be sure to blog about them when the new plates hit market. 

I'm Satisfied, and I think You will be too!.
It's about time someone heard us and made images that will fit on a thumb without the need for double stamping. I think the idea of each image being good for "french tip" is lovely.
I like that none of the images on these new plates are "dupes" of images on any preview sets or image plates (that I know of. Fresh is always good).

When this plates roll out for purchase, you'll want to own them. I'm not getting paid to say any of these things. I will be buying about 2-3 sets of plates when they are available for purchase because I have made some of my friends stamp-a-holics, and I'm sure they'll love these plates!!! Lol...

Cheeky Representative told me that they will finish production in about 3 weeks, and each plate will be available for purchase and they will also be available for international shipping.  So fear not, my international loves, You will be able to get these too. :-D
I was also told that packaging might be different on these when they roll out for purchase, I'm looking forward to that!

***As Cheeky previews each new plates on their facebook page, I'll try to do a mani on my blog showing at least one image on each previewed plates... So stay tuned for that***

To stay updated on when the plates will be available for purchase:
CLICK HERE to go to Cheeky's Amazon Store.
Click Here to "Like" Cheeky on Facebook.
Click Here to Check out Cheeky's website.

Now, Tell me something sugars... Are You excited?!? :-D
I Hope I covered everything in this review. But if you have a question, Please ask in the comment section below. Remember to "subscribe to post" if you asked a question, because I'd hate to give an answer you might never see. :-)

That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.

**This was sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**


  1. Yay! You're right, LOVING the nail polish plate!!! Definitely a must-have :) I've been following Cheeky's facebook page and really liked seeing all the images rolling out!

    1. I knew it. No true Polishaholic would say they don't love that plate. LOL...

      It's like FINALLY!!!
      Yeah Following their facebook page is the fastest way to get updates on new images and release date. Might be torture, but after seeing these plates in person, I think they are worth the wait. :-D

  2. They look wonderful! I am always so upset with the plates I get and never fit my whole nail.

  3. I can't wait to order these!!!

  4. Those plates look so cool! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Let's see, I love the anchors and the space and movie themed ones! This is rather exciting!

  6. So much choice! I would be stuck for ideas LOL

  7. These look cool. I like that they are large. I usually have issues with them not fitting my nails.

  8. Those look great and I love that they have big images :)

  9. I have got to get some new stamping plates!

  10. Great review, thank you so much. I'm especially happy to hear that they ship internationally!

  11. Wow they are so amazing! I love the detail you have gone into. The french idea and new designs are great!

  12. You make me want them. Great post!

  13. read this post last night but forgot to comment on it! Great post - my favourite aspect is that you compare the image sizes to other plates. That's definitely the most useful piece of information about a plate when you have horse's paws like i do! xxx


      Glad you appreciate the detailed review. :-)

  14. uhhh fabulous! I love the skull and crossbone full nail design!

  15. the fact that they are bigger, and that you can use any of them to create french tips instead of having separate plates for that....omg! genious! I will for sure be getting these. I liked Cheeky before but now I think they've created a monster=]

  16. ok i need to get me some stamping plates!! i love the blue one you did with the french mani! its gorgeous!!

  17. Thanks for the comments y'all. I'm always glad to show y'all detailed reviews.

    I'm sure everyone would love at least one plate from this set. Cheeky did great with these. I hope the price is reasonable when they are available for purchase. :-D

  18. These are awesome and I'm itching to buy them. LOL! Glad they are having them real world tested so that they will be perfect for us.

    1. Indeed. This might mean a delay in availability but at least, we hope it'll be perfect when the ones meant for purchase roll out. :-)

  19. I can't wait!! I'd pretty much given up on doing full nail prints until I could get something large enough to avoid double stamping. (I also had to turn everything sideways, which wouldn't work with some prints)

    1. I absolutely understand. The large images are lovely. Hope you'll be able to purchase these soon.

  20. Oh! I love the little monster ones! And the POW! ZAP! ones! They all look ace.

    1. Thank you. I Hope they bring these out for purchase soon. They keep updating people on their facebook page though.

  21. Wow! Loving these! Great job you did!

    1. Thank you so very much. Detailed reviews are what I love to give my readers. Glad it's appreciated. :-)

  22. Hi dear! Can you tell me how can I buy Cheeky nails XL plates A, B and C? I don't think there's a ready-made set with the three of them. What website can I buy from, at a reasonable price? Thanks, I love what you write, so precious! :))) Ruby

  23. I'm so excited for these. Thank you very much for taking the time to show them here for us to drool over. I love how original and exciting the designs were. My only complaint is I wish the Skull plates were revered so the skulls are color and the background is plain. I was looking forward to a black nail polish with white skull mani. Oh well, I have skulls on a bundle monster set I think. My friend got me addicted to stamping, and I've gotten 2 co-workers addicted. I just emailed them your blog so they can be tortured by the images we can't buy yet too. LOL

  24. i love the images but i dont need that many. ANyone know if i can just buy SELECT cheeky plates?? I dont think i can :/ BUMMER!!!

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