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Swatches: China Glaze - Innocence

Hello Hello!

Quick post of the weirdest nail polish I think I've ever used. Lol...

Honestly, I really want to start being in love with sheer/nude polishes! I see how neat they look on certain people, and how "manicured" they make people's nails look...
When I saw China Glaze's Innocence, I was excited and immediately got it!

Application however wasn't fun. It was so sheer! I dislike having VNL, so I piled on the coats! After the 5th coat, I stopped counting.. lol... I just wanted it to be opaque.
My result? Here you go..

Looking at it on my nails right now, I'm like "awww.. squishy delicate goodness"!! But then I remember the horrible time I had with application and clean up, and I'm like.. "MEH!"

Sorry for the not so good news about this polish. :-( 
I'll probably still use it for Jelly Sandwiches or as a base for french manicures. 

Otherwise...No bueno! 
I was going to stamp on it to make it beautiful, and spice it up... But I had a horrible experience stamping since the polish never got dry on my nails. Hahahahaha... 
Maybe I'd love it if I had short nails, but my long nails don't agree with sheer polishes. 

Anyhoo, that's it for now darlings...
Have you ever loved a polish on others, only to buy it and not like it? 

Till Later, God Bless. :-)


  1. I don't like VNL either so sheer polishes and I aren't relly friends! I am like you though, I want them anyway!

  2. That IS pretty! And there is sort of a glowy fairy wing type ooooh to the color, but 5 coats?! Definitely no bueno. I don't like smile line showing either. Maybe a fleshy creme color as a base coat??

  3. i bought this one in a blog sale and still havent used it arrrggg IM BAD

  4. I like this color, but only like you said, as a base for a manicure.

  5. I don't like VNL either but 5 coats is crazy lol!

  6. LOL!! I was so mad when I got this polish. I thought it was going to be much more opaque than it turned out. I just gave up instead of doing the many layers! :) Too funny!

  7. i love natural nail polishes i have so many of them but i hate it when they dont dry!! its so hard to find nice opaque ones!!

  8. I didn't like this one when I first got it, but when I started using it for jelly sandwiches, I liked it a lot better. Two coats of Innocence, one coat of glitter, one more coat of Innocence, and then a quick dry topcoat makes a perfect jelly sandwich. No VNL, either! I'm actually wearing it currently, it's a must-have as far as jelly polishes go.

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