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Review: Cheeky Nail Wraps/Nail Foils - Pink Bundle

Hello Darlings!!!

Happy Memorial Day.
I was so busy this past weekend that I didn't do a Memorial Day Mani... Boo Hoo!

But, this gives me the chance to share this review with you.
They are Nail Wraps by Cheeky! The Bundle I got for review was the Pink Bundle.

These were "Valentine's day" themed to me, but of course, You can wear them whenever you want.

At the back of each pack, there are "Instructions".

I Love Number 6. You can really stretch them to avoid creating an uneven surface! Just Pull and it stretches enough.
And YES, When filing these, ALWAYS file in a downward motion.

The result?

These nail foils freaked my camera out. lol... They were sooo shiny that my camera could not comprehend it. I took a boat load of pictures just to have these two decent pictures. In Person, these are so shiny.

Since these foils are really the best price I've seen for Nail Wraps foils, I MADE sure to put it to test for this review. 5 packs, Different designs, for $14.99?? I was like, Hmmm!!! Gotta see how long this one lasts. Lol...

Well, After wearing it for 3 and half days, I'm glad to announce that this is the result....
I had already started peeling off my other nails before I remembered I wanted to take a picture. Smh.. So you only get two fingers.
I was interesting that it looked like "tip wear" as you get with nail polish.

As instructed on the back of the pack, I ran my hand under warm water, and then peeled it.. But this is what happened. Lol... Not everything came off.
I dipped cotton wool in nail polish remover, and that took these right off.

Overall thoughts?
Truthfully, I love the price.
Application was fast and easy once I picked out which nail foil fitted which nail.
They are shiny!! This could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your taste. But keep in mind, Cheeky has other variety of Nail Wraps, and these aren't the only Bundle they carry.
Personally, it was a Love and Hate relationship for me with this foils because of the shine. One minute, I LOVE how shiny my nails were, the next minute, I felt like I would make someone blind if I flash my nails in their face. Lol..

Love what you see?

CLICK HERE to go directly to This Pink Bundle.
CLICK HERE to go to Cheeky's Amazon Store for Variety of other Nail Wraps they sell.
Click Here to "Like" Cheeky on Facebook.
Click Here to Check out Cheeky's website.
That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. Oh I really like those, although you can tell they're crazy shiny! Would be excellent for a special occasion! :)

    1. Yeah, they are shiny, but I do like them too. It's really a love/hate relationship with these. lol..

  2. I would like to try them. But I think it would be very difficult to remove them. When I want something of my nails I want them off now.LOL! I get what you say love, hate relationship.

    1. Nah, It's not difficult at all. You can peel them off right away, but putting your hands under warm water makes it easy on your nails.
      Just use nail polish remover like I did to take out any excess.

  3. wow! These look amazing on your nails!

  4. this is awesome, but sad that they wear down so fast. Did you use top coat, or do you think that would affect it? Probably not much..but that's still a great price for all of those!
    I've only tried a set from incoco i got from Birchbox, and those babies lasted almost two weeks if I recall correctly...so needless to say unless i'm gettin it for free i'm probably not shellin out the dough for those $8.50 sally hansens, even though look so cool..

  5. I've never tried nail wraps, just the Sally Hansen salon strips. I love the pattern you chose! Do you have to heat these up a bit to make them stick better??


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