Swatches: Dollish Polish - Putting on the Ritzzz

By Lizzy O. - May 25, 2012


It's Friday!!!!

Got anything planned for this weekend??
Today's mani is 2 coats of Dollish Polish - Putting on the Ritzzz over a Red Jelly Polish from the Runway Set by The New Black!

I love saying the name of this polish! Putting on the Ritzzz! It's one of the polishes that Nat from No Holo Blog sent me, and I'm in love with it!!!

This is Black and White glitter done right! Again, I chose to layer this over this red because I like doing something different. lol.. I've seen this over light colors (baby blues, light pinks e.t.c). But I love it over this red jelly!

You can get Dollish Polish HERE when her shop opens up again.
Like Dollish Polish's facebook page HERE.

Thanks so much for this Polish Nat! You rock!!!
That's it for now sugars. 

Till Later, God Bless. 

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  1. I looove Indie polishes! It really suits the red you layered it over :)

  2. You come up with the most fun combos! The red looks especially squishy today.

    1. Thanks dear... The red IS really Jelly looking today. You are so right. :-D

  3. Gorgeoussssssss! Loving it over red definatly. I need to get me some indie's, poor london girl with none :O Lizzy you make me so jealous :( hehe <3 xx

    1. Awww sorry dear... The Indies are really hard to come by.. even in the U.S. :-(


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