Swatches: Butter London - Disco Biscuit

By Lizzy O. - May 02, 2012

Hello Loves!
I can't believe it's Wednesday already! Time flies y'all!!

Anyhoo... Today, I have a pink nail polish to show you guys. I realized as I wrote my opening line that there are a group of Ladies who wear pink on Wednesdays. I was going to join them at some point, but I knew I wouldn't stick to it consistently, so I opted not to commit to the Pink Wednesday manis.

Well, since I have a pink polish to show you today.. I say... all is well and Good.. :-D

As the title says, Butter London - Disco Biscuit is the polish I have for you.

The sparkling blue/purple glitters/shimmers in this polish are pretty! So pretty in fact that I felt they needed a darker base to shine! Disco Biscuit is so sheer that even after the 4 coats that you see here, I could still see some VNL In real life. It doesn't show in pictures, but next time I want to wear this and keep it's pink base, I'll layer it over another hot pink.

Since I wanted the blue/purple shimmer to shine, I decide to layer Disco Biscuit over Wet n Wild - black creme. Can I just say..... I LOVE THIS LOOK!!!!!!!!!! Look at that Shimmer and how this polish is basically transformed!!

A versatile Polish? I'm in love!

Buying this Polish was the best One Cent I've ever spent! Lol.... 
No, Butter London doesn't retail for One cent. Lol.. I used my Copious Credit to get it. :-D 
Click Here to learn how you can get some Copious Cash.

That's it for now my Loves! Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think about this polish.

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Have a happy Wednesday.
Till later, God bless. 

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  1. WOW! It's stunning layered over black!!

  2. Love it over the black look, it's gorgeous! :) thanks for sharing!

  3. I keep seeing Disco Biscuit and it just makes me want it more! such a pretty color=]

  4. Love it over black. I need to get this polish.

  5. Black magic!! It's like the negative to the original color photo. I love it!

  6. This is beautiful, it looks like one of those polishes you want to layer over EVERYTHING to see how it looks haha :)


  7. WOW! I wouldn't even think to layer this over another color, it's beautiful over that dark purple. Thanks for the advice on the commenting on my blog, I love getting feedback from awesome bloggers like yourself :D

  8. i recently got this polish and i LOVE it! omg i never thought of layering it over a dark shade though! that's brilliant :D thanks for sharing (:

  9. It's gorgeous!!!

    I'm new here... Love the blog! Beautiful colours!!



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