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Review: Born Pretty Store - Pearl Rhinestones

Sup Happy Fellows!!!

I've got a review of Born Pretty Store - Pearl Rhinestones for you today.
Let's get to it!!! :-D

The Pear Rhinestones come in different sizes and are all in a wheel for easy access.

This wheel came with a glue, but the glue mine came with was dry. You don't really need glue to get them to stick on your nails anyway. To get these on your nails, apply one coat of topcoat on your nail, and use a toothpick or dotting tool also dipped in topcoat to pick them up, and place them on your nail.

To review the pearls, I decided to do some random designs on the Polish I showed y'all yesterday: Zoya - Lolly

I started with just an accent nail. The Look I was going for was a pearl necklace look.

I used the two different sizes of pearls. There are bigger ones in the wheel. I applied topcoat to the accent nail to seal my pearls in, and left the others matte.

I was just gonna stop here, but ... something came over me, and I thought, heck, why not really do a detailed review and get crazy with the pearls. Lol...
Yes, Something really came over me y'all... lol.. I suddenly got so excited and started putting pearls on my nails. I even whipped out my Born Pretty Store Plate - m57 and used a design on it for my pinky and index finger.
Then I applied pearls all over the spot that had dots. lol... Final Result? Here you go!

I brought out a faux-pearl bracelet I own, and took some pictures with it... :-D

I sealed all of the pearls on all my nails (except my middle finger) with topcoat. The reason I didn't use topcoat on my middle finger was because I wanted to show you that adding topcoat doesn't change the look of the pearls.

Now is this something I would wear out? Idk... but I am loving it all except my middle finger. lol... The Middle finger just is doing too much. Lol..

Here's the Plate I used, also from BPS.

My thoughts?
The pearls are fine, and there are quite a lot in the wheel. I didn't count, but after using all these ones on my nails, I still had a lot left.
The glue that came with my wheel was dry when I opened it, but like I said before, you don't need glue anyway. Topcoat works fine.
Price is $4.44, and I think that's good.

Want the pearl rhinestone wheel? Click Here to buy now.
Remember, BPS is a nail art store, and they offer free worldwide shipping to everyone. And they have also been kind enough to offer my readers a 5% off discount code.

Till Later, God Bless.

**The Pearl rhinestone wheel was sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**


  1. Very pretty Mani! I well probably be using the code I need some nail jewels.

  2. I LOVE pearls! These look so lovely over the bright pink matte. Your 'gone crazy' mani is pretty awesome, too. I hear ya, though... sometimes those types of things are for our eyes, only. ;D

  3. Wooo I LOVE this!!! So much fun and so pretty!! :D

  4. These look very pretty on nails :) Cute mani!

  5. These are so cute. I have to buy something because they look so elegant.

  6. Oooohhh. Nails with pearls. Those look so elegant.

  7. Pretty! I love it as the accent nail!


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