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Review: Tweezerman

Hello sugars!!!

I've got a review of a kit I was sent!

In the Kit, there are some tools that have suddenly become some of my favorites.
Here's what the Kit looks like...

Here are the things that came in my Kit.

First up, is the Pedro 2-Sided Callus Stone. Here's the top side...

And the second side is a bit more gritty... To enable deep scrubbing..
I have perfect feet, so I don't need this. Hahahaha, Just Kidding y'all!
Really though, my feet is fine, but when I touched the sides of this baby, I could tell it would DO the JOB if you've got Calloused feet. This definitely is good for summer time feet! Sandals, perfect pedicure, and a good looking feet are all a good combo to me!

Then we have these files.
Left to Right:
1.  5 pack Emory Boards - I like these! I already have so many nail files (Lord knows), but can you ever have too much? I used this because duhh.. this is a review, and I must say, I quite like them! They are lightweight and do the job quickly. I hate going back and forth a thousand times while filing my nails, so it's always good when I find a file that does the job quickly.
2. Eco Friendly File - Gone green or going green? You're gonna love this one!!! Lovely that Tweezerman made something that's Eco friendly. :-)
3. SanSation Nail File - it's a 3 layered nail file. :-D Strong and it's WASHABLE!!! Haaa!!! A nail file that Might last forever? YES PLEASE! I can't count how many files I've thrown away... I'm gonna have to see how well this one holds up!

Then these are also in the kit.
Left to Right:

1. Ingrown Toenail File - At first I was like, "Isn't this a dental apparatus?" Lol.. but then I discovered it's a good tool to pick out dirt from underneath your nails.

2. Pushy - I've used wooden cuticle pushers, and I must say, it's nice to have a steel one. When I clean my wooden pushers, my polish remover usually messes them up after a while, and I've had to buy new wooden pushers. But this steel one can be cleaned over and over again, and that's one of the reasons I actually like it. 

3. Slant Tweezer - Interestingly, this is my favorite of the bunch! And it's not even a "nail tool".. lol... My new PERFECT tweezer! I know this was sent for review, but honestly, if I ever lose this one, I'm going on tweezerman's website to buy another one. As a Do It Yourself Lady, I love doing my own eyebrows, but ever since I lost my old "perfect tweezer", and couldn't remember where I got it from, I've been visiting my Asian lady who waxes my eyebrows. 

I enjoy waxing, but paying $8 every two weeks is getting a bit much if you ask me. With this new tweezer however, I'm a happy camper! Picks up hair and plucks them right out.
I can feel someone cringing and thinking "doesn't that hurt"? Lol.. Well, tweezing doesn't hurt me.. you should try waxing if you think tweezing hurts. lol... But truthfully though, waxing also doesn't hurt me anymore... Lol...

Look at the beautiful work this tweezer did for my eyebrows. I did this in less than 2 minutes. 
Saved gas money to the waxing store, and saved $8 waxing fee. Waxing shall henceforth be saved for only days I want to pamper myself. 
Obviously, Left is Before, and Right is After. hehehe.. 

4. Satin Etched Zebra Stainless Steel Clipper Set - These two are sturdy!!! Your hand holds them, and you know you're holding something! Which is a good thing for when you're trying to clip things. I don't clip my finger nails, but I clip my toenails and it was good!. The bigger clipper has a flat clipping tip, while the small one has a curved tip. Interesting! 

5. Satin Etched Zebra Cuticle Nipper - My second favorite of the bunch. I don't clip my cuticles, but I occasionally have some skin around my nails rise up... I don't know the name of those things my loves.. Lol.. It's like when you have a skin peeling around nails.. ya know what I mean? I had one and used this to cut it without peeling more of my skin off. I forgot to take a picture before I used it, but believe me, it works well. If you know what I mean by skin around your nails peeling off, then you'll know that if you try to use your teeth, or pull it with your fingers, that you end up peeling more of your skin off. This nipper stops that mess. It cuts just the skin that's already sticking out!  It's also really useful to cut striping tapes that we use for nail art. :-)
Overall, I'm happy with this Kit. 
Obviously, my most favorite is the tweezer!!! This DIYLady couldn't be any happier with it! I hope it lasts the test of time, and I never lose it. lol.... it's also useful to pick up small items for nail art! Sheeezzeee!! I lovessssss it!

If you're interested in any of these, Please Visit Tweezerman's Website to purchase them.
Get the Tweezer Y'all!! Lol... This is MY 100% opinion/recommendation!! I'm not getting paid to say this.. Get the Tweezer!!! Lol....

"Like" Tweezerman on facebook for product updates, and GIVEAWAYS/FREEBIES!

That's it for now my loves!!
Till Later, God bless.

**This was sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**


  1. I have got to use mine too!! I hope my eyes look as good as yours when I'm done!

    1. Ohh I sure believe it will ma'am. It has no reason not to. Lol...

      Use it and I'll be looking forward to your post about it. :-)

  2. oh my god. I need those tweezers! my eyebrows look like your before picture lol but I hate my tweezers! they're the only reason it really hurts me, both of the slanted edges are really sharp..

    and that is really cool that the big clipper has a flat edge, i hate cutting my toe nails with my clippers because the edge is curved and my toe nail needs to be flat lol

    1. Bahahahaha... You're funny! I hated every tweezer I had too.. that's why I just stopped trying and started going to my waxing lady. But now? Now all that is about to take a chill pill... these tweezers will save me some moolah!

      I also like the flat tip clipper. It's interesting how a little detail like that can change ones experience. :-)

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