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1000 Followers Giveaway: Event 4 - Indie Polishes

Hello Everybody!!!
Hope y'all are feeling fine!!

Yeppers sugars, It's EVENT FOUR, and I've got some Indie Polishes for you!!!

Indies are the Bizznesss when it comes to being a polishaholic nowadays. But due to the fact that most are either out of stock, expensive, have curling glitters, smell like toxic waste, have sinking glitters, dry over time, separate within days, are surrounded by so much drama, are.... uhmm do I need to go on? Lol..

Alright, where was I? Oh Yes, Indie Polishes! Indie polishes are all over the place right now, and it's always hard to figure out exactly which seller one should buy from because it seems every frankener wants to sell their creations nowadays.
I joined the Indie bandwagon some months back, and ever since then I've had some lovely experiences and I must say, there are so many beautiful polishes out there.

Here are the Polishes Two Lucky People will get to call theirs. :-)

A short story before I get to the rules of this giveaway: 
For this giveaway, I contacted one of my ALL time favorite Indie seller - Naild'It. She sells her polishes on Etsy, and I absolutely LOVE every polish I own by her. The glitters in her polishes flow. I put them in the same spot and they never sink while at rest. The smell isn't toxic, and application is always a breeze.

When I contacted her about my giveaway, I was expecting to get one of the polishes in her store for the giveaway, but to my greatest surprise, she said she would make a "custom shade" for this giveaway. I was dumbfounded and I couldn't speak. She asked me what my favorite color was and I told her it's PURPLE! I mean, look around my blog. Isn't it obvious? lol...

She told me to give her a couple of days, and she assured me she knew exactly what she would make for this giveaway.
I trusted her because I love every polish she's ever made :-D
When she got done, she sent me pictures of her finished work and I was HAPPY! So happy that I actually screamed. The polish was BEAUTIFUL! When I received the polish in the mail, I screamed EVEN louder! Look at what I mean. :-)

I have one for myself and one for this giveaway. I decided to swatch mine to show you EXACTLY how beautiful this polish is. The creator called it Grapevine!
Again, this is a limited edition/Unique polish. There are only a few around, so if you win this... you'll be one of the cool kids who own it. Hahaha

While the polish above was being created, Sonnetarium, another Indie store on etsy announced on her facebook page that her most sought after polish Samurai Princess will no longer be sold in a full sized bottle after her last restock!

I didn't think I'd be able to purchase one because these polishes GO FAST, but I tried my luck, and Got Sammurai princess! Click here for Swatches by The Nail Network.
As you can see, it's kind of a dupe of Connect the Dots by the Lady that shall remain nameless.
I've heard nothing but good things about Sonnetarium, and the glitters in the polish also do not sink.

I'm pleased that I can offer these two beautiful and quality polishes for this giveaway event.
Here they are again.
Left to right: Naild'It Unique Polish - Grapevine, Sonnetarium - Samurai Princess.

For this event, there will be TWO winners.

I like to give the first winner "free will", so the first person the rafflecopter widget chooses will get to pick which polish they want. The one they do not pick will go to the second winner. 

Winners will be notified at the end of the giveaway.
Failure to contact me/reply my message with your mailing address after 24 hours of being notified of your winning, will result into another winner being randomly picked.
All entries will be Verified. Don't say "You did" what you didn't do.

This Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY and ENDS AUGUST 10th 2012.

To Enter, please Click "read more" to fill in the rafflecopter widget below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh and uhmm I haven't forgotten what I said, I'll let you know when the giveaway event is over. It's NOT over yet!!! WHAT!?!?! Lol....

Anyhoo, that's it for now. Till Later God Bless.

"Grapevine" was provided by Naild'It for the purpose of this giveaway. "Samurai Princess" was purchased by me.


  1. I say it again i love your giveaway :)

  2. You are SO generous with all these giveaways! thank you for the chance to win! i've just started getting into indies, i by chance, won a bottle of Floam in a giveaway, LOVE it and now understand the craze behind indies! looking forward to possibly adding to it! *crossed fingers!*

  3. Thank you for this awesome giveaway

  4. Good grief girly, this is a pretty epic giveaway event :)

    Samurai Princess is BETTER than CTD/SnS imo... it doesn't have the annoying giant glitter ;)

  5. how generous you are with all these giveaways! And WOW @ "grapevine" - i am not a big fan of the larger glitters but wow! look at it!! so awesome and PURPLE!!

  6. This custom polish is so pretty! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I love that purple one! Purple is my favourite colour too :D Good luck everyone! Thanks for the great giveaway :D

  8. Thanks again for the chance to win! Hope I get lucky this time! Love your giveaways! Youre great!!

  9. this is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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  10. Just to let you know your pages are over-lapping, I didn't have a problem until I went to share and couldn't get to it, so I shared off of my feedpage. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    1. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by over-lapping. Everything appears fine here.

      If you can explain more, that might help.
      And you're welcome. thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow, how cool! Amazing giveaway and congratulations!

  12. Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!

  13. I can't get your GFC link to show up for me to follow you. :(

    1. Hello dear, I think blogspot hasn't gotten used to my new domain yet.
      Go to www.thediylady.com and you should find the "join this site" button.

  14. Congratulations to the winners!

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    its really nice post. i apprentice for your post. thanks for shearing it with

    us. keep it up.
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