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Swatches and Review: Zoya Fall Collections - Designer, Diva and Gloss

Hello Darlings,

I'm doing things a bit different around here today. I have all of Zoya's Fall Collection in ONE post!!!
For this Fall, Zoya has 3 Collections! 2 collections have 6 polishes each, and 1 collection has 3 polishes.

I chose to put all the swatches under one post because having everything under one posts might help those of you who are planning to buy some of these narrow down your options quickly. :-)

These collections can be seen below.
Top to bottom: Gloss Collection (Jellies), Diva collection (Creams), and Designer Collection (Metallic).

After looking at that picture above, do You really need swatches?? lol... Bottle Shots are soo beautiful on their own already!

Anyhoo, since this post is pretty much a picture spam, if you'd like to see swatches and read the reviews, please click "read more" below.

In general, these swatches are all 2 coats each unless otherwise stated. ALL swatches are without topcoat because I like to show you the true finish of each polish.

Let's begin with the Designer Collection - The creams!

First Up is Noot.
This is a Dark Gray, near black with a green undertone. 
In some lights the gray shows more, as you can see in the picture below.

Next is Eevie.
Did you just scroll back up to check how different this is from Noot?
Well, I absolutely understand. Lol. But I hope you realize now that they are indeed different.
Eevie is a true gray polish. I LOVED the formula on this gray polish.

Next is Natty.
Blue! Blues are suddenly becoming a favorite color of mine. This color was one of the few I liked even before I got the collection in person. And it didn't disappoint me.
It's almost like a jeans blue, and looks very creamy in person.
I don't have anything like it in my stash and that's a BIG bonus.

Next is Monica
A grape-like dark purple. Do I need to mention that this is another one of my faves?
You know by now that I Hoard and love all purple polishes right?
I must mention that application was Lovely, but there was some user malfunction that caused the bald spot on that one finger. (my bad, idk how I missed that). This is once again, not the polish fault.

Next is Toni.
Is she red? Is she Purple? Is she purplish-red? lol...
I think she's a deep maroon begging to be purple. Yep! That's what she is. But don't put her in a color category, she's pretty in all her glory.
Colors like this compliment my skin tone, so they are usually a win in my book. Definitely feels like 'fall' to me.

And Last but Not the least we have Rehka
Well, she's RED. She knows she's RED. She's like Fire. And I love her. Lol..
Two flawless coats and no topcoat. This baby shines without help.
But Boy does she BLEED. Lol... Cleanup was not easy with this lady. SO I advice you apply carefully so that you won't have to struggle with cleanup and have your little brother ask if "you're bleeding". Lol

And YES, Rekha  gets three pictures. Just because she's truly beautiful. :-)

Next up we have the Diva Collection - The metallic.
So as not to repeat myself over and over again, I must mention NOW that the first three polishes (on top row) are all almost opaque in ONE coat. And would be perfect for Nail Art Stamping. 

First up is Eliza.
Oh dear baby baby dear! A Very rich Red Polish. Perfect for any weather. I can see me doing some pretty Christmas-y mani with this gorgeous color.
P.S: If this polish was fully called Elizabeth, I would have driven to Zoya headquaters and given them all a hug. Lol... As you all know, my name is Elizabeth and I believe this polish is what I have been LOOKING for an Elizabeth polish to look like. I'll take Eliza for now though. It's fabulous, just like ME. hehe.

Next is Suri.
Purple! Yet another WIN in my book. I've said this many times, I have a weakness for purples. When asked, I tell people "red" is my favorite color, but deep deep down inside, I think the truth is that Purple is my favorite. lol..
 Depending on the position of your hand and light in the room, this polish goes from a bright purple to a dark purple. Pretty both ways!

Next up is Song.
Now, this looks like a fall polish. Frost, metallic, blue, and everything that reminds me of fall. BUT in a very very pretty way!
I'll mention right now that this one was my FIRST favorite in the entire Fall collection.
I wondered if anyone was actually called "Song", them I remembered Brenda Song. Lol...
I love when things make sense to me, so yeah. That's that.

Next up is Ray.
Dusty, Green-black.
Photographing this one wasn't easy, but I finally got One picture that looks close enough to what this looks like in person. I could actually care less about the color, and it had the audacity to give me a hard time with photography. Lol, and on top of that, application was a bit bad (look at bald spot on nail).
Anyhoo, I guess it'll be good for ... uhmm.. yeah, idk. lol

Moving on.... we have FeiFei.
*Cheers up* *smiles and giggles*... Do I need to say something about this? Alright, look at this first picture, then I'll say something.
 Ok, Alright, Now I'll say something. Lol..
Feifei is a dynamite! Three coats of pure perfection!
If this is Zoya's attempt at an holographic nail polish, I say "A for effort, and more grease to your elbow".
Go a bit further Zoya, I know you Can DO IT! Bring on those holographic polishes. I know you have it in you. I see the scattered holos you have in FeiFei. ;-)
I usually don't like gun-metal toned polishes, but as you can see, Feifei packs more than just a gunmetal color. It has a whole lot of Bom-chicka-wow-wow going on with it! LOVE IT!

And last but not the least in the Diva Collection, we have Daul.
This is a Sheer light purple polish that has bunch of gold shimmers/semi flakies in it.
 What you see here is 3 coats.  One coat of this polish would be lovely as a shimmer topcoat for other polishes. :-)
Isn't she purrrtttyy?? So gorgeous this one.

And last but certainly not the least, we have the Gloss Collection.

I have the same thing to say about all three of these, so I'll say it now.

YES, these are sheer, and I can see visible nail line, but I LOVE these polishes.
This might come as a surprise because I have said over and over again that I don't like VNL, but you see, these polishes are a lot more than just "sheer". They are sheer jellies. So that puts them in a whole other league. lol.

I used two coats in the pictures you see above, but if you want to wear this alone, I recommend about 3 thick coats.

Here are they.

First up is Frida
She's green, and squishy.

Next is KatherineThis is like a jelly/sheer version of Toni from the Designer collection.
Is she red, is she purple, or is she purplish red?? lol... She's somewhere in between. If I had to pick a least favorite in this gloss collection, it'll be Kathrine.

Then finally there's Paloma
My Favorite of the jellies. She's berry red, and looks so darn yummy!

My plan for these jellies does not really include wearing them alone. There are a lot more things I plan to do with them. This collection will definitely get a different post in the near future. I'll be showing some Jelly Sandwiches and other fun things one can do with these jellies.

Overall Thoughts:
I've pretty much stated the ones I'm in the love with, and the ones I don't really care for.
But in General, I'm impressed with all three collections. Lovely application and shine.

Clap for yourself if you're still with me. lol....
Idk why I chose to put all these in one post, but I hope it wasn't too overwhelming?
Do you like posts like this?

Anyhoooooo..... Are there any Polishes from these collections that you want or already own?

Remember that you can get these Polishes for $8 each on Zoya's Website or at your local ULTA stores.
When you make a new account on Zoya's website by clicking the link above, you'll automatically get a coupon in your account that can be redeemed for a free Zoya nail polish of your choice. Just pay shipping. Or add two more polishes to your cart and get shipping free for all.

Zoya's facebook page is always booming with fun and lots of swatches by Zoya fans. So be sure to "like" them.

Thanks for viewing.
Till Later, God Bless.

**These were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**


  1. When I first saw the new collections I only wanted Suri and Song, but now seeing FeiFei I'm gonna have to add her to the list too.

    1. :-) Song is gorgeous as well. Great first choices there.

  2. Nice swatches!!! The Jellie colors are my favorite from the new collection. I think they would go great over Zoya's Farah. Of the creams I like Rekha, Toni, Eevie (sp.?) and Natty.

    1. Yes the jellies would be so pretty over other finishes too. You are right!

  3. I love that you put all of them in one big post! It does make it easier for me to compare them and pick my favorites without having to back track to another page. When you're old like me you get easily distracted, LOL! Seriously, awesome post I adore your sense of humor and how you banter with the reader. I clapped for you and for me:) I was already in love with FeiFei and Daul, you pushed me over the edge for them. Thank you!

    1. Awwwww Thanks!!!! I'm glad this post helps you. Thank you so much for your sweet words.

      Glad my effort is noticed. :-)

  4. Eee! I want the entire gloss collection...and while I'm at it...the majority of the other collections as well. Heehee!

  5. Dang it, I'm going to have to get the entire Diva collection! Love it!

    1. Lol.. My bad. hehehehe... They are pretty!

  6. These are the best swatches I've seen of Fei Fei!

    1. Aww, I'm flattered. Thanks dear. I had to capture the true beauty I saw in real life. I took so many shots, just to get these two. :-)Feifei is so pretty.

  7. I don't have too many Zoyas but I will be adding some of these to my collection!

    1. The more Zoyas the better. I truly love Zoya products. And I'm not saying this because I got some sent for review. I have so many Zoyas I've purchased with my money.

  8. Daul, Feifei, Song, possibly Noot and Evvie. Love that you did all this in one post! Nice job. :) I think I might be the only person in the world who thinks the Gloss collection is overrated. The other two collections are so fun and gorgeous.

  9. Daul is my total fave!!


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