Another 4th of July mani

By Lizzy O. - July 03, 2012

Hello Sugars!

I've been trying different kinds of mani for 4th of July.
The mani I'll show you today was inspired by a very pretty polish a lady I now consider my friend sent me.

I shared this with those of you on facebook already.
The Lovely Diana of Polish Monster sent me three polishes as a thank you for something I did that wasn't even much. Lol.
I Helped her out of the goodness of my heart, and no gift was necessary, but I am very grateful for what she sent me.
Here are the goodies.

The Polishes are custom made by her, and I am so happy they are MINE!!! 
Left to right: Firecracker, Skittles, and Holo Topcoat. 

Of course, since it's 4th of July tomorrow, I had to use the patriotic polish first! :-D 
So I got to use Firecracker! 

For my base color, I used Kleancolor - Neon Aqua. 
I wanted to do some freehand design that looks like a firework, so I used some nail art pens I had. I did NOT like the result, but I'll show you since I show my fails too. lol..

 Firecracker looked great, but I wasn't feeling the "nail art", so I cleaned it off and applied Firecracker on all nails.
I liked this a lot more. 

Patriotic colors, and the glitters spread around look so beautiful. 

Did I mention I REALLY really LOVE Firecracker?? It's so lovely and application was a breeze. 

I love this so much on my nails!
Thanks again for these awesome polishes Diana. I can't wait to use the rest.
You make beautiful polishes, and I'm sure people will buy if you choose to sell *hint hint*. Lol... 

Diana has a Blog and Facebook Page, so please check them out, and Like/Follow. 

That's it for now sugars. 
Till Later, God Bless. 

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  1. Firecracker looks so cool! I love her little monster motif, too. So adorable. :) Happy 4th, Lizzy!!

  2. You're so sweet :) I'm glad you like them! You know people are going to be asking me if I sell again for awhile though :P

  3. Wow, you're lucky to get such great looking polishes :)

  4. this looks awesome=]

    I think your fireworks look great compared to tomorrow lol

  5. beautiful mani! i love the bright blue you used for a base :D


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