Swatches and Review: Girly Bits - Purple Potion & Mother May I?

By Lizzy O. - 4:00 AM

Howdy party people!

Happy Friday!

A while back, during one of Girly Bits restock/sale on her Big Cartel Store, I picked up some fabulous polishes of hers.
I am one for Hoarding every kind of Purple polish there is. So, the two polishes I'll show you today should come as NO surprise to you.

They are called Purple Potion, and Mother May I?

Let's begin with Purple Potion.
The name describes this the best. It's indeed a purple potion, mixed with scattered holographic goodness!
Lookie here.

I used 3 three thin coats for full opacity, and I LOVE that this didn't need an underwear color.

Look at the scattered holographic goodness I spoke of earlier. This polish is a sparkly goodness! And the beautiful-ness shines in just about every light.

Next up, we have Mother May I? 
Interesting name eh? Lol...
This one is a Lilac purple color. Creamy and glitter-full.
Once again, I shall hoard all the purple polishes!!! Lol... I can't help myself!

This was opaque in 2 coats, and I am pretty impressed with the subtle yet glittery look of it. The look is feminine yet powerful. The glitters are very well embedded in the creamy base. The bottle required a bit of some shaking for the glitters to mix evenly, but it was nothing too drastic.

I Love both of these polishes and they are very well appreciated in my collection.
Girly Bits is one of the Indie sellers I have heard good things about from just about everyone. Lovely customer service is very well appreciated nowadays, and I've had good experience with the creator of Girly Bits - Pam.

The smell of her polishes aren't offensive, and that's something I ALWAYS try to make sure I review when I'm talking about Indie polishes.

These polishes and more by Girly Bits can be found in her Store by Clicking HERE, or on Llarowe's Website.
Check out her Facebook Page Here.

Well, That's it for now sugars.
Is there a particular color of polish you tend to "hoard" like me? Lol...
What do you think of these two polishes?
Share with me dearies.

Till Later, God bless.

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  1. They both are gorgeous! I love Pam's creations so very much!

  2. purple + sparkles = heaven haha i just emailed you, please look out for my email!

  3. I love Girly BIts! Purple Potion looks awesome. You should try Razzle Dazzle too! That one is my favorite!

  4. They're both very pretty! Pam makes some stunning polishes!

  5. oh my gosh! these are amazing!

  6. purple potion is so glittery!! ohhh shinyy

  7. Gaah I love both of these! I wanted them so bad since they've come out. Damn you money! damn you!! lol Beautiful swatches :)

  8. Thanks for the comments darlings. Pam really created beautiful polishes.. Glad you all agree.. :-)

    I love that the formula is so lovely..


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