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Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Strips, Fast dry TC and NYC Product


Today, I'll be reviewing some Sally Hansen and NYC Products!!

I am pretty excited about some of these, So Let's get to it!
This review is for Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast dry Topcoat, Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, NYC Matte Top Coat - Matte Me Crazy, NYC Sparkle Topcoat - Big City Dazzle. 

These are basic necessities for anyone who polishes their nails at home.

Here are the nail strips sent. There are LOADS of designs can be gotten.

First up, I shall review the Nail Strips.
Each box comes with everything You will need for "proper application".
The Nail Strips, a nail file, a cuticle pusher that also has a sharp (tooth pick end).

I really love the cuticle pusher! The Tooth pick end would be so perfect for water marbling.... but I digress. lol

There's also this sheet for Instructions on how to apply.

Very easy steps anyone can follow.
There are 8 strips in each set. Different sizes and shapes. You can choose to place the strips on your nail depending on your cuticle shape. Both ends can be used once you remover the adhesive covering.

Steps I took for application.
1. Decide which strip fits your nails, and place it aside.
2. Cut out the additional flap you see at the bottom of each strip.
3. Remove the Adhesive covering.
4. Place strip on your nails, starting from the cuticle upward.
5. Press firmly with your fingers so it adheres to your nails.
6. Once on your nail, use the hot pink part of the nail file to "file off any excess strips". File in a downward motion.
- The Nail file works really really well for this part.
7. After excess has been filed off, Press firmly once again or use cuticle pusher to push strips into cuticles/adjust well.
- Be VERY Careful here. I did this a bit too roughly and Cut through a nail strip, and then I had to start over with a different strip.
No top coat necessary except it makes you feel better to apply topcoat. Lol..

Final Result?? ?

I'd like to say, I'm very pleased with the result.

Application was very easy, and it took about 15 minutes to finish one hand - selection time included.

I would also like to mention, You can use these strips for an "accent nail"  in case you don't want to use it all on your nails ONE time. It's cute paired up with polishes.

Next, I'll be reviewing NYC Sparkle Topcoat - Big City Dazzle.
Pink, blue, purple micro glitters! Here I have layered One coat over Sally Hansen - Blue me Away. 
I like how it looks, and it transforms my plain blue mani into something a bit more "wow". nails.

I used Sally Hansen - Diamond Strength Flash Fast Dry Top Coat over it.
This "Fast dry Topcoat" dried to touch in about 8-10 minutes. Which is longer than some topcoat I've used.
However, When it finally completely dried my nails were strong, and hard. Patience is required I guess. :-)

After My Fast dry top coat dried, I matte-fied my mani with NYC - Matte me Crazy

This one, I'm really excited about. It really is a Matte polish, and gives a good matte finish. I Love this mani more as a matte polish!! Ohhh weee.. So nice how embedded the glitters look.

I'll definitely be using the matte polish a lot!!!

Overall thoughts? 
The Nail Strips are lovely for those days when you want lovely designs on your nails but aren't feeling artistic or for someone who doesn't have the skills to do all that.
I like how easy the application is, and the fact that each kit comes with everything you'll need for application.

Sally Hansen Diamond Fast dry Topcoat didn't WOW me because of the slow dry time. Yes, 10 minutes is slow to me, since I've used Topcoats that dry in about 2-5 minutes.
I do like the "finished" result though. It makes your nails hard and I believe that sealed your mani in more.

NYC - Big City Dazzle -  Well, hello?! Glitter!!! I LOVE It!!!

NYC - Matte me crazy- I'm really impressed! It works and dries relative quick. No complains here.

That's it for now sugars.
If you're a DIYLady like me, these are some basic necessities every "self polishing lady" needs for a fab mani.

If you're interested in any of these, Please Check out Sally Hansen on their website, facebook, or in your local stores that carry Sally Hansen/NYC products.

These were sent to me for review purposes. Opinions are 100% mine. Read my disclosure policy here.


  1. These are all pretty! I like SH strips for when I go on vacation. Then I don't have to worry about changing my polish too often.

  2. There a really good Sally Hansen fast drying top coat that really work and dries super fast it in a red bottle.

  3. So pretty I LOVE polishes but I only do my toes since I can't keep my fingers out of my mouth! Wonderful Reviews I found you via Product Reviews Basics on FB :)I am following via Bloglovin' and GFC

    You can follow me back here
    http://acountrygirlcan.blogspot.com/-Adult Content
    http://acountrygirlcanreviews.blogspot.com/-Family Friendly
    Would love to see you over there!
    Can't wait to see your next polish review

  4. I love Sally Hansen nail strips!


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