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The Alphabet Challenge

Hello Dearies.

Today I have an interesting post for you guys!

I am taking part in an awesome nail polish challenge called: The Alphabet Challenge. 
Gosia from Colorful Crack kinda started the whole thing, and I was so excited to be a part. 
BUT, when I actually sat down to find polishes, I was so lost and time wasn't on my side. I almost wanted to back out from the challenge, but I got the push I needed and chose to follow through. :-D

There's a two weeks window to complete the challenges, so I was willing to work with that. 

Anyhoo, Today I have my first 3 alphabets all in one post!! how exciting eh? The challenge allows us to do that!!!

I have Alphabets A, B, and C. 

A is Deborah Lippmann's Across the universe
B is Kleancolor's Black
C is a nameless polish by L.A Color and I chose to name it Color me glitter. (YES, the challenge allows us to do this too!). :-) So exciting!

Anyhoo, For this mani, I started with KC - Black and Layered ATU over it. I didn't quite like the result, so I layered the L.A Color glitter on top. It looked much better to me. :-)
With this challenge, I am soo open to trying different things, especially with combining nail polishes! 

That's it for now. Stay tuned for the rest of the alphabets my dearies. 

Another cool thing about this challenge is that, we all get to "LINK" our posts together. So be sure to check out other fabulous blogs taking part in the challenge. :-D

Till Later, God bless.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! The result actually "stunned" me. I didn't know it would turn out this way.

  2. WOW this is so creative. 3 letters in one post, and they are AWESOME!!!
    I LOVE this crazy combo!!! So inspiring!

    1. Thanks!!!

      I have you to thank for the encouragement to stick with this challenge. You really inspired me. :-D

      I'm now glad I'm a part of this.

  3. :D Way to dive right in, Lizzy! Looks gorgeous! <3

    1. Awww Thanks darling!!! :-D

      I almost backed out, but now I'm so happy I didn't. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Great challenge and layering!

  5. ooh i love the combination! so beautiful!!

  6. Awesome combo!!!! soo blingy, I love it so much!! and great job combining all 3 letters! Love the made up name haha =))

  7. funky!! sounds like a fun challenge!

  8. I still need a Deborah Lippmann polish...you are making it a hard decision as to which one I will get! Beautiful:)

  9. I love this combination! It's an awesome three colors, and I would never have thought to put them together! I love your blog. I was also wondering, what top/base coat do you use?

    Also, it would be really awesome if you could check out my blog. I just made the blog today and it's brand new and pretty bad, so I would really appreciate some tips :)

    It's nailcandykisses.blogspot.com

    Thank you so much!!

  10. Love this combo! And good idea to do 3 in one :)

  11. Need to get my hands on some deborah lippmann


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